Welcome to Great Milton C of E Primary School. SATs are over!! Look in The Gallery for photos of the Elf Owls Tea Party given in celebration for their Hawk Owls buddies. Also look for our May Day celebrations and Summer Fair photos!
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Great Milton C of E Primary School’s Eco-Council is the action team and the driving force behind the Eco-Schools work. We comprise pupils chosen or elected to represent different year groups and the whole school. Our amazing team for this 2017-2018 school year is:


Elf Owls – Oscar & Livi

Tawny Owls – Emerald & Isaac

Barn Owls – Imogen & Jackson

Snowy Owls – Connie & Bobby

Boreal Owls – Will & Maya

Eagle Owls – Noah & Abby

Hawk Owls – Polly & Joe


They are currently working on a new name to launch their 2017-2018 work.  The new eco-council have decided to apply to become an accredited eco school and we are now registered.   We will initially aim for the bronze award but our determined team are aiming for the gold award.


We are very fortunate at Great Milton to have such an enthusiastic team of children who are very keen to make an immediate difference to the environment. The committee thinks about and undertakes projects to keep our school eco-friendly, to encourage us all to think more about the environment around us and how we can make the most of our beautiful countryside setting. It considers too the wider world and how we can help improve our environment to keep our planet balanced and protected.

Keep looking here for updated Eco-Council news!