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Year 6

Y6 – Hawk Owls


Teaching Staff: Emma Goodes and Emma Warner 

Teaching Assistants: Julie Grayshon


Our learning in Term 3 (January-February 2019)



This term we continue to develop our knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages. We have been converting numbers between all three and ordering them.  We are looking at Maths Mastery where we deepen our understanding through reasoning and problem solving.  You can help your child when out shopping by getting them to mentally calculate percentages off on sale items, a useful life skill!  We are also looking at problem solving when there is more than one part to the question, we are remembering to use RUCSAC to read the question carefully and follow the steps systematically.


This half term we are writing for a range of purposes and audiences.  We are focusing on our vocabulary choice and using higher level punctuation.  We have been writing our own myths and legends looking at Pandora's Box and King Midas.  We are moving on to letter writing; ensuring that our letters are formal and follow the correct structure.  Please follow the hyperlink to look at the 2018/19 objectives for writing, this is how we assess whether your child is working towards the expected standard, at the expected standard or at greater depth:



We continue to practice our spelling, punctuation and grammar skills on a daily basis as part of our English lessons.  This term we have been focusing on active and passive voice, different clauses in sentences, such as: relative clauses, embedded clauses and fronted adverbial phrases.  Homework every week contains 10 spellings, please support your child in this as spelling remains a big focus in Year 6.  There are 20 marks up for grabs in the SATs SPAG test so we are working hard to ensure that we can do our best in May!



Light is our topic this term.  We are learning about the spectrum of light, including ultra-violet and infra-red light.  We have been experimenting with how light travels, prisms of light and how light enters our eyes.  The lessons are very practical and interactive and the children are enjoying experimenting and experiencing before producing graphs and tables to evidence their learning. 



Year 6 and reception Buddies 

The Elf Owl and Hawk Owl buddy system is going really well Hawk Owls remain incredibly proud of their buddies and are enjoying hearing all about their dinosaur adventures!


PE Kit

Please can PE kits be left in school all week, this term we will be having PE on a Friday.


Residential Trip and educational visits:


Junior Citizen, Tuesday 12th March 2019, Oxford Fire Station.  Children experience eight different safety scenarios and each child is given the opportunity to practice making a 999 telephone call. All learning sessions are designed to be interactive, where children are taught a variety of life skills which focus upon how to keep themselves safe whilst potentially helping others who may be in difficulty or distress.


Visit to The Oxfordshire Museum, Tuesday 26th March 2019.  Our topic next term is The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, we will be looking carefully at their Viking Exhibit and experiencing a Viking workshop.


We are going to Kilvrough Manor in The Gower Peninsula for our residential trip on Monday 10th June-Friday 14th June 2019.  Take a look at their website:

Further information will follow this term.



Topic Web Jan-Feb 19 Our World

Topic Web Extreme Weather

Our wonderful biography interviews

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Check out the Gallery Link below to see some of our Year 6 pupils leading a maths  starter today  (8.10.18)