Wheatley Partnerships Area Sports 2017

Friday 14th July, 6.00pm prompt start, Horspath Athletics Track


Dear Parents

Please arrive inside the stadium at about 5.45pm to ensure your children are in their school bays ready with their numbers on by 5.55pm. We ask parents not to go on to the track or sports field, but to remain outside the blue rail at all times unless there is an emergency – in which case, please use the cone corridor behind the finish line, where marshals will take your details.


Here is what you can do to make it easier for yourselves:

  • If you can, please car share.
  • Park either in the stadium car park or in the overflow car park on the top field. If you leave your car parked on the road or grass verge history tells us you will get a parking ticket or even have it towed away. Allow 5+ minutes to walk from your car into the stadium.
  • Inside the stadium there are several hundred seats, and plenty of space around the track. Know what events your son or daughter is doing and try to be in the right place at the right time. Collect a programme on the way in and see the event times and locations.
  • It has yet to be confirmed, but we are expecting professional photographers from MRC Photo to be taking photos of all the action and the medal presentations. These photos will be available to purchase during the event, and after the event via the MRC website www.mrcphoto.co.uk. Ensure you collect the password for the website – the company will have flyers to give to you.
  • The stadium has toilets, and light refreshments will be on sale upstairs.
  • See the website http://ruftytufty.co.uk/areasports/index.htm for more information.

Prepare your child by ensuring they have the following with them:

  • Flat trainers (not spikes and not football boots of studs). Laces firmly ties, double bows are best.
  • At least one bottle of water. If it is a humid evening, have two large bottles. Write their name on the bottles. Maybe a small snack too.
  • Several warm layers to pull over them as the evening chill sets in.
  • If they have an inhaler, ensure they have it and that their teacher knows.
  • A little bag to keep their kit in, including medals they may win so they don’t wear them in their next race or lose them.
  • If the weather looks like it is going to be wet then send them with a coat of some sort, and something they can sit on if the grass is wet.
  • Feed and water them before they come down, make use of the toilet at home, and don’t leave the trainers on the kitchen table!



On behalf of Pat Read, Area Sports Coordinator, and volunteers