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At Great Milton C of E Primary School, children have opportunities to draw, paint, make collages, use fabrics and threads and use clay. They are taught the skills and techniques, including digital media, and are then given the opportunity to practise them to produce individual and group pieces of work. 


We currently have an Art Club, kindly run by Mrs Twycross and Mrs Reid at Monday lunchtimes. Children have an opportunity to be creative and have a go at all sorts of projects, including pebble painting and 3D hand portraits!


In recent years, Boreal Owls (Y4) and Eagle Owls (Y5) have had the brilliant opportunity to be taught art by Sallie for an afternoon a week. They learnt how to accurately draw portraits, through measuring distances between facial features and using mirrors. As well as portraits, they also learnt to use the natural art around them to produce replica drawings of leaves and insects. 


Please feel free to view our Art & Design Curriculum Policy