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Eagle Owls Yr 5

Homework - 18.05.23


This week we have been revising our decimals knowledge.


Please spend half an hour on one or several of these maths games.  Choose something you need to practise, not something that you are already an expert on!



Adding and subtracting decimals


Rounding decimals


Multiplying decimals


HARDER CHALLENGE - Mixed questions – you will need to find your own strategies for some of these questions! 


Everyone has individual spellings this week.

Some of the children said in today's choir rehearsal that they had not received the email sent out last week.  The details about the Big Summer Sing are below:


Big Summer Sing

23 May 2023 – Centre for Music. 

Parking available in Bayards Hill School car park, Waynflete Road OX3 9NU

Entry to the Centre for Music via the Out of hours gate from the car park.


Bottom half (trousers/skirts) – dark colour
Top half – (t shirt/shirt/top) – plain, brightly-coloured top (preferably no logos)
Footwear – flat and comfortable, including trainers



Arrangements for audience tickets

Tickets for audience members will be £5 per ticket plus 10% booking fee. Due to numbers of children taking part and the maximum number of people permitted in the Centre for Music, we can only guarantee 1 audience ticket for each child taking part although there will be a limited number of additional general sale tickets available – please see the information below.


Please go online to your school’s unique link to buy one ticket to see your child perform at the Big Summer Sing on 23 May  This link will be live from 11am on 9th May until 11am on 16th May. 


At 7pm on 16 May, we will release any remaining tickets on general sale to all schools involved. Ticket sales will be based on a first come first served basis.


General sales link


We hope you enjoy the concert.​​​​​​, scheduled to finish at 6.20pm.


For those of you that have misplaced your words for the Big Summer Sing:

Our new whole class reading book


We are now nearing the end of our Tudor mini-novel and so we will be resuming whole class shared reading for the rest of Year 5.  We have chosen from a selection of books and decided on an exciting detective story set in modern-day London for our long summer term read.  


The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd - please see the link below.


Another book was very popular - I will buy a few copies of this for the classroom so the children can read this individually if they wish.


Please remember that this is a voluntary purchase - it would be greatly appreciated.  I will get a few copies to share.





If anyone has a full tin (standard larger size 350- 400 ml/g) that they could donate to our tin can alley, we would be very grateful.  The tins will be donated to a food bank afterwards (provided that they are not too dented!)


Please do not feel under pressure to go out shopping - this is only if you happen to have a tin at home that you could spare.

Homework                  11.05.23


In maths this week, we have been revising the link between fractions, decimals and percentages and recalling the difference between tenths and hundredths.  On Friday we will be looking at thousandths also.


For your maths homework this week, please spend half an hour playing the games in the links below.


The balloon pop game (ordering decimals) has three levels.  Please start on Level 2 and then challenge yourself to Level 3 if you are confident.


Please get your adult to sign the back of your spelling sheet to say that you have spent half an hour on the maths games.


Good Luck!

Homework help 27.04.23 - We did these slides in class

Maths homework help (board game - 20.04.23)


Hello, I've realised that some of you were out of the room when I explained this.  If you have done the sums but not played the game, that is fine also.


Game instructions

1. Cut out the cards and put them in a pile.

2. Stick the game board together.

3. Start your counter at the beginning.  Pick up a card and solve the sum.  If you do it correctly, roll the dice.  Move your counter on that many spaces.

4. It is now the other player's turn to take a card.  If they answer correctly, they move their counter the correct number of spaces.

5. Repeat until someone reaches the end of the boards.  They are the winner!


Good luck!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Term 5.


For the last two Terms of Year Five, we will be focusing on the Tudors - a really fascinating (and slightly gory!) period in English history.  We are in the process of arranging an exciting trip with Hawk Owls, which will take place after their SATs and residential trip.  We will begin by focusing on important Tudor people (including the monarchy) and key events of the Tudor era.  We will then move onto examine what life was like for everyday people.  In Term 6, we will focus on our school play (we will keep you updated!) and turn our attention to Tudor entertainment, focusing in particular upon William Shakespeare.


Please see the topic grid below for more information.


P.E. this term will be on a Tuesday and Thursday.  Please wear school uniform on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  If you have taken your outdoor shoes or wellies home, please bring them back so we can protect our carpet!  Also, please remember to bring a coat to school - the weather is still unpredictable!


Thank you! 

Topic Web - Tudors

Dear Parents and Carers, 
Next week we will be doing our Big Science experiments, either on Wednesday or Thursday - I will let the children know next week.  
Today we have discussed what everyone needs for their experiment.  Most children have taken home a slip of paper with an item listed on it.  Some groups do not require anything additional and other groups wanted to see what they had at home first before deciding what to buy.  Please ask your child to see which group they are in.
Teabag ghosts group
Teabags of different varieties: the children are seeing what they have at home and sharing their lists on Monday to see if we actually need to purchase any more teabags.
Ice cream group

Double cream 1200ml

Vanilla extract

Bag of ice cubes

Rock salt 1kg

Caster sugar 500g

Small Ziploc bags

Large Ziploc bags 


The children wrote down their ingredient on their slip of paper.  We will double-check this on Monday.



Bicarbonate and vinegar balloon inflation 

Plastic bottles - 500 ml capacity

Vinegar (we decided on white) - 500ml bottles (several children said they would bring this in)

Bicarbonate of soda - 1 pot



We would be really grateful if parents were willing to supply their child with the item they have been assigned, however this is a voluntary contribution.  Thank you very much!  


Have a lovely weekend.


Kind regards, 


Miss Woods


Dear Eagle Owls, 


Thank you for you effort, enthusiasm and imaginative ideas this week - we have some spectacular science-fiction stories.  There are definitely some budding authors in Eagle Owls!  When your stories are finished, I will put some extracts on the website.  We have really enjoyed hearing a great variety of creative writing and it great to see how inspired you have all been by this genre. 


Next week, we will be learning about the constellations.  For yours maths this week, have a go at the constellation coordinates challenge.  This links back to our learning in January when we were using coordinates in geography.  The sheet and a video link to help are below.


Step 1.   Choose a constellation from the sheet or website.

Step 2.   Draw this constellation onto the coordinates grid, making sure that that the straight lines end on a corner.  

Step 3.   Give the coordinates of the constellations.  Remember to give the horizontal (along) number before the vertical (upright) number.  

Step 4.   Make sure you show your coordinates with the layout  (    ,    )


Use the video in the link below to help.  You only need to watch up to 3 minutes 22 seconds.  

Dear Eagle Owls, 

You have been working incredibly hard this week on your reading and maths assessments, so as a reward we will have a rest from homework!


Thank you for being so calm and positive.  smiley smiley smiley



Homework              09.03.23


You have individual spellings this week.


Next week, we will be doing our maths assessments.  Please use your homework time to practise a variety of topics on the game Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica (link below).  Each mini-game has 4 levels.  You might find the first level quite easy but they get progressively harder.  Please spend at least half an hour, but you are welcome to spend longer if you wish.  Please stick to the games below as they are the most important ones for next week.  Choose the topics you think you most need to practise!


Battle for Mathematica

Times Table Trials

Palace of Place Value

Colosseum of Challenges

Addition and Subtraction Shire

Mysterious Mountains of Multiplication

Dark Tower of Division

Forest of Fractions and Decimals



For your maths homework this week, please try the online game found with the link below.  You can practise both types of fractions on this game - 'normal' fractions mixed number fractions.  There are eight levels to work work through in each section.  Please get your parent or carer to sign the back of your spellings sheet to say that you have spent some time on this maths task.


Thank you.

For this week's homework, everyone has the same spellings - these are helpful words for our Space topic.  For your maths homework, you are building a fraction wall.  You will need a piece of paper and a gluestick for this activity.



Welcome back to Term 4!  Having travelled the globe from north to south, we are now journeying into deepest Space...  Please see the topic documents below.


P.E. this term is on Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays.


Tuesday and Thursday sessions will be with Mr Sykes and the children will receive small group tennis coaching on Friday afternoon with Neil.


Please provide your children with suitable alternative footwear - our poor classroom carpet is suffering with the mud!  On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, they could wear their school shoes inside the classroom and then use their waterproof trainers for P.E.  On Mondays and Wednesdays, they should wear their school shoes inside the classroom and can wear either their wellies or waterproof trainers outside.


Thank you!


See you soon!



Maths homework 26.01.23

Please help us keep our school clean!


Dear Parents and Carers, 


It would be much appreciated if you could provide your child with an additional pair of shoes for outside as we are bringing too much mud into our classroom and other parts of the school.  Some of us have wellies, which is fantastic.  If your child does not have any wellies they can bring to school, please provide alternative shoes so they can change - please see Mrs Frost's Parentmail last Friday.


Please could all children have spare trainers or school shoes on a Thursday - some sports will be played outside, provided it is safe to do so.  It is not safe to have to do sports in wellies.


Thank you



Maths homework help 19.01.23

Dear Eagle Owls and parents, 


Thank you very much for your generosity at the end of term - we are so grateful for your kindness.  We hope you had a relaxing time over the holidays and had a good start to 2023.  


This term, we are travelling around the world.  We are starting our journey in the far north, where will marvel at the Northern Lights and will finish the term in Australia at the Great Barrier Reef.  If anyone has any photos of incredible sights anywhere in our Weird and Wonderful World, we would love to see them at school.


Best wishes, 


Miss Woods, Miss Oakley, Miss Sharples and Mrs Fairfax

Happy New Year 2023!


This term, P.E. will be on Mondays and Thursdays, beginning from the 9th January.  


See you all soon!




Choir - Big Christmas Sing 2022

Love Shone Down Lyrics

Homework                      17.11.22


Please find this week's spellings below.  


For your maths, please use the link to access the game and record your score out of ten on the back of your spelling sheet.  This game focuses on using your subtraction skills to find a missing number - we shall be doing more of this with larger numbers next week.


Use whichever method is helpful for you - frog on a number line, or the column subtraction method.  If you would like more of a challenge, try the calculations mentally.


There is an extension investigation activity for those of you who are super speedy - see the two files below with the word 'fifteen cards' in them.


Good luck!



Homework                          10.11.22


For this week's spellings, please practise these homophones (see below).  Do you know how to use these words in a sentence?


You also have a maths board game to play - there is a game board, some instructions and some counters and place value charts that you should have brought home with you today.


This game focuses on rounding to the nearest 10, 000 and 100, 000.  Some of us have been focusing on rounding to the nearest 1000, but the method of rounding to the nearest 10, 000 and 100, 000 is very similar - we need to look at the digits one column to the right.  We will be practising rounding to the nearest 100, 000 in our next few maths lessons.


Please find the links below to help support you with rounding to the nearest 10, 000 and the nearest 100, 000.  


REMEMBER - rounded numbers end in a round shape - they always have at least one zero!  The numbers on your board are much larger numbers - think carefully about how many zeros your rounded answer will need.

Following on from this afternoon's Science, many of you were keen to make a catapult.   Please find the link to a webpage below.  You could do this as a topic homework if you wish! 



Winter Term 2022


Hi Eagle Owls, we hope you have had a lovely break.


Our topic this term is Extreme Weather.  Starting in China, we will examine how our world's changing climate has altered the world around us, including our natural wildlife.  We shall learn about child activist Greta Thunberg and take on roles to debate the question of renewable power.  We shall also be looking at persuasive features in formal writing to help us create powerful letters, considering the changes we need to help protect our planet.  This will culminate in a musical and dance performance with homemade instruments inspired by Stomp. Much of our learning this term we also be centered around our shared reading book, Brightstorm


Important things to note:

  • P.E. is on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • You have Forest School on a Thursday - please bring enough layers to add on top of what you are wearing and remember your waterproofs!  If your wellies are not already on our boot rack, please bring them in to school.
  • Please, please bring a coat to school EVERY DAY as we are now in winter.


See you soon!


Miss Woods, Miss Oakley, Miss Sharples and Mrs Fairfax

I have added:


  • Maths answers
  • Afternoon activities - a template for Chinese lanterns and fortune cats is provided, should you wish to choose these activities - please see below.
  • Some photos of China.  If you would like an easier task, you could look at these photos and discuss them with a grown up.  Can you think of some why, what, where and when? questions and find out the answers?

Homework                06.10.22


For your maths homework this week, please log on to Active Learn.  I have set you a maths game that focuses on multiply and dividing by 10 and 100.  It is called 'Jungle Jump'.  You may find it useful to draw yourself a place value grid like some of you have been using in class.


For those of you that would like extra practice, try the game on the link below.


Good morning Eagle Owls!  smiley


What a strange turn of events!


We will have to have a change of plan - we will do our KIVA morning another day as it is discussion based, so we need you altogether to hear your fantastic ideas.  I think our RE, PSHE and guided reading will be better done in class as well, so we will swap our days around and do today on a different day!


Please bear with me while I organise some home-friendly learning for you.   I will produce a timetable and easy-to-follow document shortly.


In the meantime, please have fun exploring the maths game Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica.  I have put the link below.  You will not have yet covered all the topics, but should definitely be able to play some of  the games.  Last year's Eagle Owls loved this game, so I hope you enjoy it too.

Spellings - 9:00 to 9:30


Spellings - cious group


For those of you that had the -cious suffix words, please use the website Spellingframe to practise.  These games introduce some new -cious words and words ending with the suffix -tious, which is the pattern we are moving onto next week.


Please use a dictionary or an online dictionary to check the meaning of any words you are unsure of.


The link to activities on the website is below.


Spellings - 9:00 - 9:30


Spellings - ou saying 'uh' group


Please use the link below to practise your spellings.



Spellings 9:00 - 9:30


Spellings - group that had common words


Please move on to your new spelling pattern - words with the diagraph 'ai'.  The link for activities is below.

Class book


As we are now nearing the end of The Firework Maker's Daughter, it would be very much appreciated if parents and carers could buy/borrow a copy of our new book Brightstorm for their child to read in school.  This is voluntary - you do not have to buy this book, but it would be helpful so that your child can have their own copy to read along with in our whole class guided reading sessions.  We have a few copies in school that will be shared among those children who do not have one.


We will be reading some Chinese folk tales over the next week, so please don't worry if Brightstorm takes a little while to arrive.


Below is a link for the book on Amazon UK.  You may find the book for less money on other websites.  Please be aware that Brightstorm is part of a series - we will be reading the first book.


Many thanks, 


Miss Woods



Homework                    29.09.22 


Please complete this week's spellings sheet.  Many of you did very well in our spelling test last week - thank you for your hard work.  :-)


Remember, there are lots of ways you can practise your spellings, such as rainbow writing, pyramid words and spelling the word aloud.  If it helps, please do these as extra to help you prepare for your spelling test each Wednesday.


There is also a maths sheet to complete - everyone should aim to do most of the first side.  There is an extra challenge on the back.

Homework                  22.09.22


Please try to log on to Active Learn and complete the challenge that has been assigned to you - 'Smack the Shack'.  Try to do as much as you can in your head!  Remember to use the counting up on the numberline method that we used in class.


If you cannot log on, please do not worry.  I am resetting all the passwords as many of you came in today saying that they were not working.   


Your username is your name followed immediately by the number 17.

e.g.   fred17


I am resetting passwords.  They may take 24 hours to reset, so you might want to retry later if it does not work immediately.


Your password will be: eagle and then the date of your birthday 

e.g. eagle24 if your birthday is on the 24th, or eagle07 if your birthday is on the 7th. 


If you need to enter the school code, it is htcg


Please don't worry if you have difficulty getting on, we will try to sort it.  Thank you for your patience!


Have a lovely weekend!  :-) 

Following a few weeks of revision, we will separate into more spelling groups next week and begin working on the Year Five patterns and words.



Welcome to Eagle Owls      2022 - 2023! 


We hope you have had a happy and healthy summer and are now ready to return to school as superstar Year Fives.  We have heard great things about you all from Miss MacDonald and we are sure you will be excellent role-models to the younger children.     :-)


This term, our topic is The Mysteries of Ancient China.  Our history focus will be on the Shang Dynasty, a truly ancient era that ended approximately one thousand years before the birth of Jesus.  We will investigate their way of life and discover how the work of archaeologists has unlocked their secrets, such as the discovery of a famous queen’s tomb.  Alongside this, we will examine China’s incredible geographical features and consider how these helped the Chinese to maintain their unique culture and create world-changing inventions.  After reading The Firework Maker’s Daughter to give us a flavour of Chinese life, we will immerse ourselves in Ancient Chinese myths and legends, including the famous story of Mulan, who disguised herself as a man in order to take her father’s place as a soldier.  Later in the term, separate from our topic, we will begin our class book Brightstorm – this is an exciting read that will take us up to the Christmas holidays.  Information about purchasing this book (entirely optional) will be sent out in a few weeks’ time.


In maths, we will be recapping some learning from Year Four before broadening our knowledge.  One focus will be the development of mental methods to calculate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.  We will multiply and divide decimal numbers by 10 and 100; this will link to our learning about conversion of cm into mm.  We will also revise our understanding of the twelve and twenty-four hour clock. 


The children will enjoy having the opportunity to sing (they are an excellent bunch of singers!) Chinese songs and compose group music for a ceremony.  In art, we will be designing lanterns, creating a whole class large dragon sketch, exploring papercraft and trying Chinese calligraphy.  Our science unit is forces, which will give us the opportunity for lots of investigation!


●       PE this term will be on a Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon, so please ensure your child comes to school wearing the correct kit on these days each week. 

●       Good hydration is important for brain power so please make sure that your child has a water bottle in school each day. This should be filled with water, not squash or juice.

●       We encourage the children to bring a healthy snack in to eat at breaktime.  As we are a nut-free school, please make sure it does not contain nuts.

●       As the weather gets more unpredictable, it is important that the children have a warm waterproof coat and wellies so that they can still enjoy their playground time.

●       Homework will be given out on a Thursday and should be returned no later than Tuesday.  This will be similar to last year, comprising spellings, maths and a task from the homework grid.  The focus for the creative homework tasks should be on quality, not speed – aim to complete two or more tasks during the term.  There are sixteen tasks to choose from, so there should be something that everyone will enjoy.

●       The class page will be updated with the weekly spelling patterns and any important announcements.


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.


We are looking forward to a fun-filled, creative year with you all!


Best wishes,


Miss Woods, Miss Oakley, Miss Sharples and Mrs Fairfax

Homework                          23.06.22


We have all been working particularly hard during the last few weeks to complete our summer assessments. Thank you for your perseverance and positive attitudes.  :-)  We are now well and truly getting to grips with the play.  Make sure you know your lines as next week we will not be using scripts!  If anyone is having difficulty getting their costume, please let us know and we will see what we can do to help.  



Please find this week's spellings below. 


Well done to all of you that tackled last week's percentage problems.


For homework this week, you are looking at reflections.  This links to our learning that we did in class (a few weeks ago, before our assessment revision) about translations.


Remember - to read coordinates, you go along first and then up.  In maths language, you would read the x axis (the horizontal axis) and then the y axis (the vertical axis).


There are two maths sheets to choose from - if you feel confident with reflections, you might like to try the super challenge instead of the challenge.  Good luck!

Clip and Climb


We had a fabulous time at Clip and Climb yesterday.  Both adults were incredibly impressed with the determination and resilience shown by all the children - you were all so positive and courageous!  You will make a brilliant Year Six in September. smiley  smiley  smiley


We will soon be uploading some photos to the website - keep your eyes peeled!

Homework                 16.06.22


Please find this week's spellings below.


For your maths, please have a go at the percentage of amounts sheet.  I have done some as examples to help you.  The sheet is double-sided; please only spend half an hour - some of you will complete more than others.  As long as you are concentrating and trying your best, that is okay!


We have done a few examples together but we have had a very busy week, so I thought a reminder might be useful.


Please use the link below to see someone use a bar model to find a percentage of an amount.  I suggest you stop it at 9.40 as it is quite a long video!


Thank you for your hard work learning your lines - many of you are confident already and the songs are sounding fabulous, too!


Homework                              09.06.22


For your maths this week, you have another opportunity to play on Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica - I know lots of you really enjoyed this last time.  You may choose what you would like to practise.  We are doing a bit of revision, but there will be some areas we haven't covered yet - choose challenges that look suitable for you.


Please spend half an hour and note down on the back of your spelling sheet which challenges you have practised.


Good luck with your quest!


(This week's spellings are below.)



Welcome back to Term 6!  This term we will be learning about the Victorians.


Our P.E. this term is on Wednesdays and Thursdays - please wear your P.E. kit to school on these days.  Please make sure you have a water bottle in school at all times.


Last term, several of you stopped bringing coats to school.  Although it is summer, we all know how unpredictable the British weather is - please, please bring a coat so that you can enjoy your playtime whatever the weather.  If it is sunny, put some sun cream on in the morning before you come to school.


You will be excited to hear that we have a new girl starting in our class tomorrow.  She is from Spain - I'm sure there are many interesting things she will tell us about her culture.  She is staying with a family nearby for the next few weeks.  She is coming to Great Milton to experience an English school and practise her English speaking skills.  Eagle Owls are extraordinarily kind and I know you will all make her feel very welcome.


See you soon!

Maths          (28.04.22)


Please spend half an hour on your maths - the sheet is in your homework folder.  Some of you have two sheets for an extra challenge.  We have been practising long multiplication method this week.  Instead of using the expanded method, we are now using the quicker version.  Here is a video link to remind you:


Please just do your best.  Don't worry if you are finding it a challenge; this is new learning and it might take a few practices for your brain to master it.  That's okay - we learn from our mistakes.  Just give it a good go!

Welcome back!  We hope you had a restful break and are now ready to jump into Term 5.


This term our new topic is 'Stargazing - a Journey into Space'.  This promises to be a fascinating topic and we are looking forward to finding out what you already know. 


P.E. this term is the same as last term - Mondays and Thursdays.


Please see the topic web and homework grid below for more information.  

Maths homework 24.03.22

Homework          24.03.22


Please find this week's spelling sheets below.




Homework - 10.03.22


Thank you to the eleven children who brought in their homework folders - you have been rewarded with Dojo points.  Please could we all make a really big effort next week to bring in our homework folders.  A spelling sheet is the only written work that you need to complete.  Let's see if we can have twenty-two homework folders handed in next week!  :-) 


Please find the different spelling sheets below.  Two groups are focusing on the hard ch sound (which is of Greek origin).  The other group is revising short a followed by ck - ack.  Short a is always followed by ck, not just k.  (e.g. backing/baking)


For maths this week, please spend half an hour on Times Tables Rockstars.  Times tables will be a revision focus for this term as knowing them quickly really helps us with so many other areas of maths.  We can see from school how often and when people log in, so please do this!


We have tried all the logins and passwords today in school and they are all working.  If you are having trouble at home, it is likely that there is a filter blocking access - please check your settings.





Homework - 03.03.22


You have all been given individual spellings to practise this week - these are words from your books last term.  Please remember to return the sheet on Tuesday.  You may of course, practise your spellings in other ways too - anything that helps you get them into your brain!  I will make sure everyone has their homework folders tomorrow.  


For maths, please have a go at the measures game below - 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' Please view and play the game as a slideshow.


Here are some helpful reminders:


1000g = 1 kg


10 mm = 1 cm

100 cm = 1 m

1000m = 1 km


1000 ml = 1 l


If you would like a place value grid to help you with these questions then please let me know - we have some spares in school.


Good Luck!  Will you become a millionaire?


Who Wants to be a Measures Millionaire?

Term 4: The Groovy Greeks!

Welcome back Eagle Owls!


Our exciting topic this term is 'Ancient Greece'!  I am really looking forward to immersing ourselves in the strange, magical world of Ancient Greek myths and learning about the lives of the Ancient Greek people.


P.E. this term will be on Mondays and Thursdays.  Please make sure you have your water bottle and come dressed in suitable clothing.  School uniform should be worn on the three other days - please wear school shoes rather than trainers. Mondays will be inside P.E. and Thursdays will be outside with the coach.


Please find the homework grid below.  There are some websites on the bottom of it that you may find useful.  I have also attached some additional sheets - the Greek alphabet, a design your own Greek monster sheet, instructions on how to make a lyre and a Greece fact file template.  Some of these are additional ideas to the homework grid - please choose what you fancy!

Maths (10.02.22)


There is a game assigned to everybody on Active Learn.  It is called 'Reel it in'.  Please try all the levels.  This game covers both prime numbers and square numbers as we have looked at both this week.  See the links below for reminders of what the terms 'square numbers' and 'prime numbers' mean.

Look at our fabulous Mexican artwork!



This week we have enjoyed getting arty with some Day of the Dead mini skulls and paintings of the resplendent quetzal.  In maths, we have been investigating divisibility rules, factors and how to square a number.  For Number Day we played scrabble by squaring numbers.  


Next week, we shall continue our non-chronological report about modern-day Mexico.  We will begin an exciting two-week project making Day of the Dead masks which we will share at the end of term in a parade with Hawk Owls.





Homework 13.01.22


Hello everybody, 


Thank you to those of you who are remembering to bring your homework in.  For this week, please have a try at this maths game: - this is posted as a link below also.  


You can try different versions - select from the menu e.g. quiz, match-up, maze chase etc. 


This is revision of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.  Use a place value grid to help you - I will send one home.  Remember - count the zeros.


If you are multiplying by 10, the digit will move one space to the the left.  10 has one zero = one space.

If you are multiplying by 100, the digit will move two spaces to the the left.  100 has two zeros = two spaces.

If you are multiplying by 1000, the digit will move three spaces to the left. 1000 has three zeros = three spaces.


MULTIPLYING - the number becomes BIGGER.


If you are dividing by 10, the digit will move one space to the right.  10 has one zero = one space.

If you are dividing by 100, the digit will move two spaces to the right.  100 has two zeros = two spaces.

If you are dividing by 1000, the digit will move three spaces to the right.  1000 has three zeros = three spaces.


DIVIDING - the number becomes SMALLER.


If you are unsure, please use the video link below to help.


Please ask your parent to sign the back of your spelling sheet when you have spent half an hour practising multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

Hello everyone!


Following on from the success of 'Letters from the Lighthouse' last term, we would like to continue with our class shared reading.  This aims to promote a love of reading, as it allows children of all abilities to access an interesting, challenging text.  Exposure to a wider range of books helps the children to broaden their vocabulary and experience of the world.  We hope you will enjoy this term's novel - 'Malamander' by Thomas Taylor.  Incorporating elements of folklore and fantasy, this story follows a boy and a girl on the trail of a mysterious sea creature that has been haunting their town for centuries. 


If you would like to purchase a copy of this book for your child to use during our sessions,  then we would suggest looking at local book shops, charity shops or Waterstones as we have noticed some versions on Amazon are quite expensive! You could also consider loaning a copy from your local library. Please know that this is completely voluntary and that we can also arrange copies in school for the children to share with a partner. As a staff team, we are always incredibly grateful for your generosity and support for these sessions. We will be using this book until the end of the Spring term so that we cover three good quality books over the whole school year. 


If you do decide to purchase your own copy, then please write your child's name on the inside cover so we can keep their book safe.


Many thanks for your support   :-) 


Homework  - 06.01.22


A spelling sheet, a maths game board and instructions were sent home this afternoon.


This week, each child has individual spellings - please practise these as per usual for a spelling quiz next Wednesday morning.  


There is a rounding game for this week's maths - please see below.  There is a link for a random number generator on the sheet which you may find useful.  If you need another copy of the game board please let me know and I will photocopy one for you.  

Homework 06.01.22

Welcome back Eagle Owls!


Please find the topic grid and homework grid below.


This term, the children will have both P.E. and Forest School on a Thursday - please make sure they have warm, waterproof clothes.  P.E. is in the morning and Forest School in the afternoon.  They will have an additional tennis coaching session on Friday afternoons so please make sure they are wearing P.E. kit on a Friday also.


We will be reading another novel across terms 3 and 4 - we will let you know the title of the book shortly.  We would be very grateful if you would be willing to purchase a copy for your child.  Please keep your eyes peeled for a book announcement!

Happy New Year! 


We hope you have had a lovely Christmas holiday and have found some time to relax with your family and friends.  Mrs Dickson and I would like to thank you for your thoughtful presents and cards. We were touched by your generosity - very much appreciated!


This term, we will be welcoming a new child and adult into Eagle Owls.  While Mrs Dickson is experiencing life in another school, we are lucky to have Miss Booth in our classroom.  I know Eagle Owls will give both our newbies a warm welcome.


Our topic this term is 'Hola Mexico'. We will be learning about past and present life in this fascinating country.  


Looking forward to seeing all the Eagle Owls on Wednesday!



Hi Eagle Owls, 


For our art project for the last two weeks of term, please could you bring in a shoebox, or something of a similar size?  If anyone has several going spare it would be great if we could have them.  Don't panic if you can't find one, we will share them out.


We won't need them straight away, but it would be great if you could bring them in by the end of the week.  



Hi there Eagle Owls!


For your maths homework this week (02.12.21), please log onto your Active Learn account.  You should have two games assigned called 'Clam Collector'.


Your task is to order the numbers - try to reach gold level.  Some questions have one decimal place while others have two.  Happy eel steering!

Hello Eagle Owls, 


For this week's maths, I would like you to spend half an hour playing on 'Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica'.  This is a website - please click on the link.


On the back of your spellings sheet, please record which games you play and the levels.  If you are finding a level tricky, please keep trying until you improve your score.  Record your best score for each game.  You might like to focus on one game or you may have time to do more than one.  If you are finding it really tricky, you may like to choose a different game.


Please get your parent to sign the back of your sheet to say that you have spent half an hour on the game. 


I suggest you look at these games rather than the algebra, measurement or ratio games as we haven't covered these topics.  There may be questions within each game that are more challenging than others - please don't worry if you are unsure about some.


Battle for Mathematica

Times Table Trials (timed or non-timed)

Palace of Place Value

Addition and Subtraction Shire

Mysterious Mountains of Multiplication

Fractions of Forests and Decimals

The Deadly Sea of Shapes


How many XP will you earn?


Good luck with your quest to save Mathematica!



Eagle Owls have been enjoying writing and rehearsing a video news report this week.  This follows on from last week's learning about the Titanic.  We have composed our own news theme using music technology and are looking forward to recording our reports.


Some of the children have asked if they can bring in costumes to help them step into their roles as survivors, presenters and reporters.  This is entirely optional - there is not an expectation that the children need to dress up.  We will be filming on Monday, so if your child wants to bring in a costume/accessory at the start of next week (15.11.21) they are more than welcome to do this.  




This week's maths homework is on Abacus Learn - please log in.  You have two games to play this week:


Get the yeti - practising multiplying multiples of 10

Lava drama - positioning numbers on a number line


Both of these activities have been assigned to you.  There are three challenge levels in each game - bronze, silver and gold.  See if you can complete more than one level!


Please ask if you are having trouble accessing these at home.

Term 2 Homework Grid - Frozen Voyages

Remember that you can use the DK Find Out website for your research.  If you choose to do the D-Day activity, then you will find the information you need on the 'Normandy Landings' section of the website.


We have had some great Spitfire and Anderson shelter models - thank you for all you hard work!  :-)   We would love to see some more.  There is a scaled drawing of aircraft activity and paper model of a Spitfire activity in the documents below.



Maths homework (07.10.21)


You should have the game 'Marching Madness' assigned on ActiveLearn.  Please try to complete this - I can see who has given it a go!  Some of you have the game 'Jungle Jump' still to complete from before.  Thank you to those of you who have already tackled this challenge.


If you are unsure about your login, please ask.  For those of you have folders, you will find the login stuck to the inside of the cover.  Some of you are still missing folders - please could you have a really good look at home to check.  I will order some next week if they are definitely lost.  




Wishing you a relaxing weekend, 


Miss Woods and Mrs Dickson :-) 

We hope you enjoyed reading our evacuee letters that we sent home.  The children were really proud of their writing and wanted to share it with you. smiley


We have had a good start to the week, relishing the opportunity to do some acting with our play script focus in English.  We have been watching 'Spywatch', a drama set during World War Two; the children are totally hooked! Eagle Owls have also been learning about growth mindset and considering the impact a positive 'Can Do' attitude can have upon learning.  We are making some bunting for the classroom - some of this has a growth mindset theme.  In the spirit of World War Two, we are also sewing some of the triangles.  We will keep this colourful bunting up in the classroom for the rest of the year - it will help encourage us to persevere!  


Please see the message below regarding the project homework.  


Please find this week's homework below also.


Have a good weekend!

Homework 23.09.21 - Please log on to Active Learn for your maths activity (multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100)

Hello everybody!


We are adding some helpful resources to support your homework this term.  Here are some websites to help you - I will also add some more documents later in the week. 


We know that you are all busy and that sometimes it can be a challenge to fit homework in.  I have explained to the children that it is okay to do a project homework over several weeks.  Please do your best to complete your spellings and maths each week.  We are going through the maths in class each Thursday before we go home.  If your child is finding it a challenge, then please encourage them to let us know and we will find some time to go over the learning with them in class.


If you would like a straightforward homework, why not take a look at the Morse code challenge document?  The children can also try the Spitfires activities independently.


The World War Two project homework is designed to enrich your child's learning - it is not intended to cause worry.  Please do as much that is manageable for you and your family.   We have a homework gallery wall in the classroom - it would be excellent if we could fill this up with at least one piece of learning from each child by then end of the term.  The learning may be word-processed, handwritten, a drawing, a model or a photo.  If you are completing a longer project (e.g. making an Anderson shelter) then why not take a photo of the the work in progress?


Please see below for websites and the Spitfire and Morse code documents.

Morse code challenge

Spitfire activities - although this isn't on the homework grid, it is linked to out topic and looks like good fun!

Hi there!


We have made an excellent start to the term - this week the children are really getting into the swing of being Year Fives.  We are enjoying immersing ourselves in the wartime era, and this week have been writing letters as evacuees.  It is great to see the children becoming more confident and settled - we have had many brave volunteers sharing their learning and taking pride in their achievements.


We have been revising some spelling patterns for the last two weeks - there is a bit of both in this week's spellings.  We will have a spelling quiz on Wednesday, so please practise your spellings for then.


We have been practising the short vowel = double consonant rule. 

e.g. hop (short vowel) becomes hopping or hopped

       hope (long vowel) becomes hoping or hoped


This week we have also looked at 'ough' words.  Please find the spellings below - the children should know which group they are in.  If not, please ask.


Happy practising!


There is also a maths sheet - see below.  

Hello Eagle Owls!


To help ease us into the year, we will not be starting homework until next week. If you would like to keep yourself busy, there is the option of choosing a task from the World War Two homework grid (please scroll down the page).  We look forward to you sharing your learning over the coming weeks. smiley