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Elf Owls Reception

Friday 17th June-Our Trip to Science Centre Oxford


We had the most wonderful time at Science Centre Oxford.  We were learning, engaged, thinking and experimenting from the moment we arrived until the moment we left.  During our time at the centre we talked about a fair test, gravity, chemical reactions, liquids, solids, classification, molecules, experiments-so much fantastic learning. The grown ups in Elf Owls were so proud of how well we listened and joined in!

We have taken a few photos to share with you about our day. I will share a link to Science centre oxford as they often put on family events throughout the year.

In class this week our "Growing" table is coming to life! We are observing growth happening to our caterpillars, pea shoots, radishes, strawberries and our potatoes too! 

In the next few weeks we will begin discussing growth in humans and looking at what we need to do and choices we can make to support our health.  We will be talking about the differences in our bodies and learning about where babies come from and understanding that families are all different.  We will talk about these topics sensitively through stories.  If parents have any questions about this topic please come and see me or contact me through the school office and I will be very happy to talk these lessons through with you. 

A new show and tell rota will be sent home on Monday.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to talk to the class and show them something from home. Please join us in our whole school celebration assembly every Friday at 2.50pm.


Thank you for your continuing support


Mrs Bennett


Term 6

Welcome back to term 6, our last term in Elf Owls! As we begin to look back on the year that we have had we are so proud of all of the Elf Owls and their achievements and look forward to our last term together. This term we are focusing on "Growing and Changing" in nature and ourselves.  We will be looking at life cycles in plants and insects, how we have grown and will continue to grow and transitioning to year one. We are excited for all of the events that are happening this term including our trip to the Science Centre Oxford on Friday 17th June.


Many Thanks


Mrs Bennett


We will be having P.E on a Wednesday and a Thursday this term and will continue with a forest school session on a Friday afternoon.


Below are some photos from our visit this week from Colin and his friends at World of Crocodiles.  We enjoyed their visit so much.  We learnt lots of information about Malcolm the snake, Tony the crocodile and  Boris a bearded dragon (who is actually a lizard)!  Colin even brought a snake skin and a crocodile egg too.  We learnt words and phrases such as shedding, prey, predator, reptiles, cold blooded, warm blooded and camouflage.


We are looking forward to opening and investigating the treasure chest from the museum on Monday too!


Have a great weekend





 Term 5!

Thank you for a wonderful term 4 Elf Owls.  We enjoyed so much learning and new experiences together including celebrating book week, bedtime stories, red nose day activities, a visit from a vet, organising a "Thank you" tea party for our families, a visit from a musician who played us the saxophone, visits from 2 day old chicks, a visit from a donkey, an Easter Number trail. 

Our learning and experiences in Elf Owls have seen us become stronger readers, writers, mathematicians, negotiators, musicians, gymnasts, footballers, problem solvers, friends, environmentalists and scientists. 

In term 5 we will be having our PE sessions on a Wednesday morning and Forest School sessions on a Friday.  In term 5 Elf Owls will start coming into Friday afternoon celebration assemblies and hope to see you come along when parents are invited.  We are also looking forward to our visit from, "Crocodiles of the World" on 4th May too.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break


Have fun!


Nicola Bennett




Elf Owls-24.3.22

Thank you for a brilliant week Elf Owls-it has whistled by!  This week we have adapted some of our activities and routines and the Elf Owls have been wonderful at this.  We will carry some through to next week including our sewing!  I have been so impressed with the Elf Owls writing and phonics, we are working hard on applying everything we know to our reading and writing. Our road safety walk around the village was postponed this week but we hope to try and do this next week. Next week we will be continuing with our daily phonics and sewing. 

Next week we will be continuing with our daily phonics and working on our number pairs to 10 and beyond, we will also work on understanding that addition is commutative i.e 3+5=8, 5+3=8. I hope you all enjoy looking at the photos of our learning over the last few weeks including our visit from the vets, baking, flag, forest school and key stage assembly too

We hope that you and your families are all keeping well.

Term 4

Welcome back to term 4, I hope that you have all had a relaxing half-term break.  Although this is a short term we have lots of fun learning and activities planned starting on Monday 28th February with "Book Week".  Below is a table of events starting Mon 28th Feb-Fri 4th March.

Monday-Book Fair arrives at school.  You can purchase books after school from the book fair which will be in the school hall.
Tuesday-Bedtime stories for Elf, Tawny and Barn classes. Children come back to school at 5.45pm-6.45pm in their P.J's, Onesies or comfy clothes and a cuddly toy, if they wish.  We will read our favourite stories to the children who will listen to the stories in Tawny Owls classroom while enjoying a drink and a biscuit. Parents can relax and catch up with a drink in the hall together.  Please arrive via the main school office. We would be grateful for £1 donation towards refreshments per child.
Wednesday-Book swap in school hall.  Please bring any unwanted books to school by this day and then your child can choose a new one to bring home.
Thursday- Whole school Story time in hall.  The children will then choose a story to listen to by a different teacher.
Friday-Whole School Dressing Up Day! If you would like, come to school dressed as a character from a book.  At 3.10pm we welcome parents and siblings into Elf Owls for our reading event.


This term the Elf  Owls will have P.E on a Wednesday morning with Mr Sykes and will also have music with Miss Wood on Wednesday afternoon. 

We are pleased to offer Forest School on a Friday afternoon for Elf Owls, starting on 11th March.  Your child will need to come to school in outdoor clothes which should consist of layers, if it is cold and long sleeved arms and full length trousers. They will need outdoor shoes or their school wellies and a waterproof.  It is really important for the children's clothes to all be named too please.


We look forward to a fabulous Term together.  As always if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Many Thanks


The Elf Owls Team


11th February

We have had a super few weeks of learning at school.  This week we have enjoyed investigating 2d and 3d shapes, creating and writing positive messages for a fortune cookie, handwriting, finding objects that are magnetic, daily phonic lessons, P.E with Mr Sykes.  During music with Miss Wood we have been practising how to keep the beat going using drums and the glockenspiel. We have also had a discussion about keeping safe using the internet with a focus on playing games on our tablets.  I will include a link to some supportive material for parents and a you tube video we used in class, as part of our discussion.


Next week is our last week of term 3 and we look forward to a fabulous week of learning.  We will be continuing with our P.E and Music lessons.  In maths we will be looking at measuring height and length with non-standard measurement, ordering objects by height and width too.  Making heart shaped biscuits and measuring the ingredients.  We'll also be looking at some of the work by the artist Kandinsky and recreating one of his pieces. We are excited too to be investigating "light" and making a shadow puppet box.  Enjoy a few photos of our learning and in addition I will add the order in which we teach our letters for handwriting practise. 

We look forward to seeing you at our Reading Event on Friday 18th February at 3.10pm in Elf Owls.  Please feel free to bring along younger siblings too, they are more than welcome to join in with the activities. We are also pleased to confirm that Sophie Bruce, our student, will be continuing her placement with us for two weeks into term four.


Thank you for all of your support this term.


Nicola Bennett, Nikki Howlett, Lucy Quartemain, Michelle Harris, Shukria, Sophie Bruce and Helen Belcher

3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid)

3D Shapes I Know

Smartie Penguin HD | Internet Safety Story for Early Years

Smartie The Penguin is a story by that explores various scenarios that a child may find themselves in when using a device, it repeats the messag...

Thank you Elf Owls!

28th January 2022


We have enjoyed a fabulous week of learning at school.  We have started to understand the concept of odd and even numbers, symmetry and spotting different patterns in numbers, shapes and colour.  We have continued to add to our non-fiction books about birds and this week we labelled the parts of a robin. We have come up with some great ideas to report back to the school council about activities and resources we can share at lunchtime play with the rest of our school family.  We loved using the new musical instruments with Miss Wood and being the first class to play them and we also had a wonderful and active P.E session with Mr Sykes too.

We will include some interactive games that we enjoyed to support our learning for you to continue using at home.

We are excited to continue our learning journey next week with finding out about the Chinese New Year, looking at number pairs to 10, composing number sentences and investigating doubling amounts and halving amounts too!


Have a lovely weekend.



The Color Monster A Story About Emotions | Read Aloud Book for Kids

Week 3!

We have had a great week of exploring in Elf Owls.  We have been developing many skills that will support our learning such as describing, talking, writing, reading, listening, problem solving, counting, looking, cooking, chopping cutting, washing up, dancing, singing and predicting to name a few!  Some of Mrs Bennett's high lights have been the words we have used and learnt about during some science investigations such as solids, liquids, melting, changing, hot, cold, temperature.  We loved melting the chocolate and spreading it into the moulds and then watching it come out of the mould as a solid. We also enjoyed finding ways of melting the coloured ice and seeing the new colours we could make. Observing the changes to the bath bombs was really fun too.  Music with Miss Woods was great fun too.  We demonstrated our improving listening skills as we took it in turns to play along to a piece of music being fairies and then giants. We were also introduced to the story of "The Colour Monster", Mrs Bennett will add this on a youtube clip. We have also started making some non-fiction books about birds and we all wrote a sentence about something that we knew about birds.

Next week in maths we will be observing and investigating patterns, counting in 2's and identifying odd and even numbers.  In other areas we will be finding out about how the Chinese New Year is celebrated.


Have a lovely weekend!




Numbers in the Teens (Have a Group of 10)- [a place value song for kids]

Numbers in the Teens.

Numbers in the Teens

Numbers in the Teens

The Dot

This video is about The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds.

A wonderful week in Elf Owls!


Firstly we would like to say a huge well done for all of the home learning work you completed about birds.  We have had a lovely time listening to you sharing your facts and creations about birds and also how you help to look after them.

Thank you for a super week of learning.  Here are a few photos of how we have been extending our learning this this term.  Next week we will continue with looking at teen numbers in more detail and focusing on recognising our feelings.  We are all trying really hard to build our resilience and turn, "I can't" into "I can try"!  Also added is a clip of the story we looked at in our PSHE lesson and a song we listened to about teen numbers.

Have a lovely weekend.


Explaining Place Value

Next week we will be introducing the children to place value with an emphasis on teen numbers. This clip is to give you some information on this area in maths. What is place value? Watch our fun animation for a simple definition of this early maths skill.

Happy New Year!


Welcome back to term 3. I hope that you all have had a good break and stayed well over the holidays.  I am so sorry that I missed the last week of term but a HUGE thank you to the wonderful Elf Owls team for holding the fort! We are really looking forward to welcoming the children back to school and continuing our learning.  We would like to extend a warm welcome to Sophie Bruce who will be joining us in Elf owls at the start of term for a teaching placement until February half-term. This term the Elf owls will be having a music lesson from our music specialist, Daisy Woods, on a Wednesday afternoon and then they will be having a P.E lesson with Tom Sykes on a Thursday afternoon. Children should continue to wear their P.E kits to school every Thursday.  

We would also like to say a very big thank you for all of our Christmas Gifts and cards.  It was very kind of you all and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you and all of your families a very happy and peaceful New Year.





Week 5

This week we have extended our knowledge and learning in phonics, money and writing. During our exploring time we have embraced writing and we have been writing in all areas of our environment. We were very excited to walk to the post box to send off our letters to Father Christmas.  We wrote to Father Christmas to ask for a gift for someone we love.  We enjoyed discovering and playing with the ice and snow on Monday. In the afternoon we made paper snowflakes and loved the surprise of seeing the different patterns as we unfolded them.


Next week we will be wrapping and labelling the gifts that we bought from the Christmas market, continuing to learn new letters and sounds in phonics and applying what we already know to our reading and writing and practising counting accurately. We will be learning new songs for our nativity and begin some Christmas crafts's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.  




Week 4

Time is flying by!  Thank you Elf Owls for a fabulous week of learning and exploring.  We have introduced the topic of money and have been counting coins and enjoying setting up our new shop in the role-play area. We  have escaped from erupting volcanoes, discovered ice and investigated how we can melt it, examined our footprints in the sand, written and posted messages, listened to new stories given to us by FOGMS, learnt new sounds, found buried treasure, made beautiful smelling potions and made bug hotels with our year 6 friends and much, much more! Here are a few photos from this week. 

I can't wait for next week, thank you Elf Owls.


Weeks 2 and 3!

We have had such fun and learnt so much at school during the last two weeks.  We have been discussing ways in which we could help planet Earth, making number books to help Hootie owl and his friends with their counting, we've enjoyed story telling in small groups,  picked up litter in the school environment and looked at packaging for the recycling symbols and we spoke about remembrance day and joined the rest of the school joining hands in a circle for a two minute silence. This week we have extended our learning of 2d shapes and described them, we have been focusing on being kind and thought about kind words and phrases we could say, made fruity faces, we have planted bulbs around our school, learnt about days of the week and seasons too.  We also loved a dance session with Mr Sykes in the hall. Here are some photos from some of our learning.


Week One!


Thank you for a super week of learning and new experiences.  The Elf Owls learnt about the Hindu Festival of Diwali, including making cards, drawing Rangoli patterns with chalk, salt dough Diwa lamps. We spoke about Bonfire Night and being safe around fireworks and made some glittery colourful firework paintings.  We lit some sparklers and made a list of words to describe what we noticed, heard and smelt as we watched them burn. We also enjoyed the challenge of using the climbing equipment for an indoor P.E session with Mr Sykes, one of the children said, "We had to be really brave because it was high and we did it".  I am very proud of how well you all showed courage and resilience. We have shown how well we can work as a team completing puzzles and making up maths games with the number tiles and sand timers which has been lovely to witness.

Next week we are excited to consolidate and extend our knowledge on numbers to 20, counting to 100, count accurately to 20 showing 1:1 correspondence, and the conservation of number.  We will also be practising writing numbers to 10 and ordering them too.


Here is a snapshot from our week.  Special thanks this week to the amazing Elf Owl Team who have led the teaching and learning for me this week.


Mrs Bennett


Welcome back to Term 2


We all hope that you had an enjoyable half term and we look forward to talking about the time that you had together at home with your children. We are all ready for a new term full of learning and developing new skills together.

For your information Mr Sykes will be working with the Elf Owls for P.E on a Wednesday this term and therefore we ask that your child comes into school this term wearing their P.E kits on a Wednesday.  In addition we ask that EVERY child is provided with a NAMED  set of waterproofs and wellies for valuable outdoor learning opportunities. Please ask a member of the team if you have any questions about this. Details and information about upcoming events and learning will be updated on this class page soon.


Many Thanks


Mrs Bennett, Mrs Howlett, Mrs Quartermain, Miss B and Mrs Harris

Join us for Pumpkin Soup!


This week we have been enjoying listening to and acting out the story of "Pumpkin Soup" and thinking about how the friends in the story behaved towards each other.  We have decided that we would like to make our own pumpkin soup and bread together and we would love to share it with you on Friday at the end of the day.  Please come to our classroom at 3.20pm and join us.

Thank you!


Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper: Children's Books Read Aloud on Once Upon A Story

Today's children's book read aloud is Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper on Once Upon A Story.

Well Done Elf Owls!


We are all so proud of how well you have settled into school and you are all a very important part of our school family.  We hope you have a fabulous have term break with your family. 


I have added some "Wow Moments" to your bags to keep at home.  We would love to hear about any of your achievements outside of school, this could be at a club or activities such as riding a bike, looking after a pet, getting yourself dressed, sleeping in your own bed or trying new foods etc.  We can celebrate in school and you can tell us something you have done to make your grown- ups really proud of you.  Just ask your grown-ups to write a comment or take your picture explaining what you have done and we can share it in class. 


Home challenge Books


This week we are also sending a "Home Learning Book" home with your child.  Each week we will send home a task for you and your child to work on together along with an explanation of the task.  The tasks are usually set to support and reinforce learning that has happened that week or a particular interest that the children are showing. The tasks are usually set on a Thursday and we ask if they can be returned to school on the following Thursday. If you have any questions then please do come and chat.


Many Thanks for All of your support this term.

Enjoy your half-term break.

Fun in P.E today


We have had a lovely time in P.E today.  We are learning how to listen and follow instructions, negotiate spaces, move in different ways and work as part of team whilst having so much fun and exercise!  Here are some photos of us enjoying our time.


Happy Monday!

Today we had a visit from our local PCSO Tori Bowles.  We showed her how well we can listen as she read us a story about how PCSO's and Police Officers can help us, we answered all of her questions very well.  She showed us her notepad and inspired us do to some writing too as she explained it was a very important part of her job.  We also had a look at her Police vehicle and she showed us all the equipment she has that help people stay safe on the roads.

Thank you PSCO Tori Bowles for coming to visit us!


Hello Everyone,

This week in school we have been enjoying reading with your children.  They have selected a reading book which we have shared and they have begun to recognise sounds and start word building.  We have asked them questions about the book they have chosen and the story.  It has been so lovely to spend this time with the children.  On Friday all of the children will bring home a reading book, a yellow reading diary and a small blue book with tricky words and sounds.  We have shown the children their books and I'm sure they will be keen to share them with you.  Each time you share a reading book from school with your child or you look through the sounds and tricky words together we would ask that you please record this in their yellow reading diary.  This allows us to communicate between home and school about how much interaction and support they are getting at home and how well they are doing.  I will add some information on sharing tips on reading with your child but it is usually quite different for each family and child as our circumstances are all different.

If you have any questions about this or indeed anything then please me at the end of the day.

  Thank you Mrs Bennett

Week 3!


Phew! What a lot of fun we have had so far this term.  We have been so busy with our learning and settling in with the rest of our school family.  We love going to have lunch with all of our new friends in the "big" playground and all of our new friends have helped us to feel safe and loved at school. 

Here are photos from some of our exploring this week. We have made a bridge over the lava mountain, practised writing our letters, careful counting and matching to numbers, making new beds and houses for our babies and exploring with magnets!  Mrs Bennett and the grown ups in Elf owls can't wait until next week for a new week of learning and investigating together.  

You are all fabulous!


I would like to say a huge well done to ALL of the new Elf Owls for an absolutely fantastic first week at school. We have been so impressed with how you are coming into school and picking up new routines so quickly and taking these new experiences in your stride. You have shown us that you can share, listen, ask questions, join in, build, write, count, colour, fix, run, climb, pull, skip, jump, observe, snip, ride, dig, tidy, tell stories, sweep, have courage, sing and dance, not bad for week one!

  • Starting from Thursday 16th September Elf Owls will have a P.E lesson with Mr Sykes, all children in Elf Owls will need to come to school wearing their P.E kits on a Thursday until further notice.
  • Next week we will be discussing our families, please could you send your child to school with a family photo for us to display in the classroom.


Enjoy the photos from this week and be proud of all of your achievements this week.  I have also added some songs we have enjoyed this week too. Have a good rest this weekend ready for new learning next week.


Thank you for all of your support


Mrs Bennett, Mrs Howlett, Mrs Quartermain, Miss B and Mrs Harris



Our First week at School

Funky Feet Music-Play Dough Dancing to the disco beat.

We have loved joining in with the dough disco this week. This helps us improves our muscles ready for writing!

Let's Count up to Ten - Counting Song

Rainbow Relaxation: Mindfulness for Children

This activity after lunch play helps us to relax and focus. We loved painting the rainbow.

Welcome to Elf Owls

We hope that you have had a lovely summer.  We are really looking forward to meeting you all on Monday 6th September for your first day at "big school".  We are busy getting the classroom and outdoor ready for you to come and explore.

Below are the dates and times for settling in next week.

 Monday 6th September 9.00am-11.45am

Tuesday 7th September 8.45am-9.00am-11.45am

Wednesday 8th  September 8.45am-9.00am-1.00pm(stay at school for lunch)

Thursday 9th September 8.45am-9.00-3.30pm(Full-time)

Friday 10th September 8.45am-9.00-3.30pm(Full-time)


We have a workshop on Friday 3rd September 2.00pm-3.30pm in the school hall. Please contact me if you have any questions before your child starts school.


We will be waiting to greet you at school by the blue gates on Monday 6th September at 9.00 am.


Many Thanks


Nicola Bennett 

Information on Wow Moments and The Golden Book

Sounds of the English Phonic Code

Please watch this video from Tami Reis-Frankfort, reading specialist and trainer. She demonstrates how to pronounce the sounds of the English Phonic Code. This maybe helpful to you when encouraging your children to practise their sound books and segmenting words when reading.

Handwriting Tips

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song 'Say Hello To'

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Phonics Phase 2 Words- Blending for Reading

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Phonics Phase 2 (CVC words) Blending for Reading

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CVC Words Phonics Blending Song

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