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Elf Owls Reception

Week 3!


Phew! What a lot of fun we have had so far this term.  We have been so busy with our learning and settling in with the rest of our school family.  We love going to have lunch with all of our new friends in the "big" playground and all of our new friends have helped us to feel safe and loved at school. 

Here are photos from some of our exploring this week. We have made a bridge over the lava mountain, practised writing our letters, careful counting and matching to numbers, making new beds and houses for our babies and exploring with magnets!  Mrs Bennett and the grown ups in Elf owls can't wait until next week for a new week of learning and investigating together.  

You are all fabulous!


I would like to say a huge well done to ALL of the new Elf Owls for an absolutely fantastic first week at school. We have been so impressed with how you are coming into school and picking up new routines so quickly and taking these new experiences in your stride. You have shown us that you can share, listen, ask questions, join in, build, write, count, colour, fix, run, climb, pull, skip, jump, observe, snip, ride, dig, tidy, tell stories, sweep, have courage, sing and dance, not bad for week one!

  • Starting from Thursday 16th September Elf Owls will have a P.E lesson with Mr Sykes, all children in Elf Owls will need to come to school wearing their P.E kits on a Thursday until further notice.
  • Next week we will be discussing our families, please could you send your child to school with a family photo for us to display in the classroom.


Enjoy the photos from this week and be proud of all of your achievements this week.  I have also added some songs we have enjoyed this week too. Have a good rest this weekend ready for new learning next week.


Thank you for all of your support


Mrs Bennett, Mrs Howlett, Mrs Quartermain, Miss B and Mrs Harris



Our First week at School

Funky Feet Music-Play Dough Dancing to the disco beat.

We have loved joining in with the dough disco this week. This helps us improves our muscles ready for writing!

Let's Count up to Ten - Counting Song

Rainbow Relaxation: Mindfulness for Children

This activity after lunch play helps us to relax and focus. We loved painting the rainbow.

Welcome to Elf Owls

We hope that you have had a lovely summer.  We are really looking forward to meeting you all on Monday 6th September for your first day at "big school".  We are busy getting the classroom and outdoor ready for you to come and explore.

Below are the dates and times for settling in next week.

 Monday 6th September 9.00am-11.45am

Tuesday 7th September 8.45am-9.00am-11.45am

Wednesday 8th  September 8.45am-9.00am-1.00pm(stay at school for lunch)

Thursday 9th September 8.45am-9.00-3.30pm(Full-time)

Friday 10th September 8.45am-9.00-3.30pm(Full-time)


We have a workshop on Friday 3rd September 2.00pm-3.30pm in the school hall. Please contact me if you have any questions before your child starts school.


We will be waiting to greet you at school by the blue gates on Monday 6th September at 9.00 am.


Many Thanks


Nicola Bennett 

Information on Wow Moments and The Golden Book

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