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A Rainbow of Hope

Great Milton C of E Primary School 

Gallery of Hope


Have you noticed that many people have been putting up colourful rainbow creations? They are helping to keep everyone smiling while we all spend more time at home. 

It's also fun spotting them if you go out for some exercise! 

So, we want to see your artwork! Whether it's a bright rainbow or even a smiley face or multi-coloured handprint.



Send me a picture of your rainbow, you with your rainbow or even a video of you drawing or painting it. 

Together we can create a Great Milton Gallery of Hope on our website. 

You can send your rainbow photos and videos to

We are really looking forward to seeing your creations!

Our Great Milton family of rainbows!

The rainbow artwork you emailed to us is making the people of Great Milton smile! 

Thank you!

Happy Easter to you all! 


Can you spot the actual rainbow?

We can get through this together

Thank you NHS!

Beautiful rainbows!

Stay safe

Keep smiling!

Even Mr Barn Owl has made a rainbow!


Barn Owl's Visit to British Motor Museum in November 2019

We had fun at the British Motor Museum
We enjoyed learning all about the 90 year old bus.
The bus was made of wood and had no roof.
The bus driver turned the handle to start the bus.
The first car was similar to a bicycle.

Tawny Owls Number lines

Our early morning counting
Independent extension of learning
Hands on counting
Trying out the 3 times tables
Representing numbers with cards and objects
Different number representation
Children extending their knowledge independently
Building blocks in 2s

Barn Owl's are Transport Builders

During our Early Morning Activities...
we used different types of construction...
to build our own...