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Governor Roles

Governing Body Organisation 2021


Governors are volunteers and at Great Milton C of E Primary School the governing body is drawn from a variety of different backgrounds and plays a crucial role in the development and strategy of the school. Please see more information about our Governors on the Meet the Governors page.


Please note our Governors Declaration of Business Interests is being updated to account for our newly appointed governors and will be published ASAP.


Full governing body meetings take place at least three times a year with various subcommittees, each with a designated chair, also meeting on a regular basis and feeding back to the full governing body via the circulation of their minutes. This ensures that all governors are aware of the ‘greater picture’. These committees are Pupil, Resources and Personnel.


Equally, governors visit the school regularly to spend time in the classrooms observing lessons and school life in general. This close involvement provides each governor with very clear knowledge of the ‘health’ of the school in general and enables the progress of pupils to be monitored and evaluated in line with the School Development Plan (SDP).


Another key role of the governors, as a whole, is as a source of support and challenge to the headteacher as well as teaching staff. The headteacher attends each full governing body (FGB) meeting as well as submitting a fully updated report on the previous term to each FGB meeting. In addition, the head attends most of the subcommittee meetings. This ensures that both governing body and headteacher work in tandem to ensure that appropriate targets, aims and objectives are both set and met and that each pupil has every opportunity to achieve their full potential.