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Here at Great Milton C of E Primary School, we cover ICT in every class in a range of different subjects, from data collection to publishing information. We use a variety of methods, such as every day office software and small technological equipment (cameras, ‘Beebots’, microphones etc.) to cover the ICT curriculum across the school.


Children are encouraged to be more independent as they move through the school with their use of technologies, always bearing in mind the importance of e-safety and conscious use of software.


Safer Internet Day


On Tuesday 7th February 2017, Great Milton C of E Primary School had our Safer Internet Day. We had a whole school assembly in which we discussed how we can safely share images online. We thought about what we should do before you take and share a photo: STOP, THINK and ASK YOURSELF these 4 questions: 


  • Who am I sharing this photo with?
  • Who else might get to see it?
  • What will people be able to find out out about me?
  • What will people be able to find out about the other people in the photo?


During break time, children were invited to the hall to complete e-safety activities, for example, writing on people’s social media walls and discussing what is appropriate to say and deciding whether images are real or have been digitally altered.


Throughout the week, all classes took part in further activities related to safely sharing images online.


Our take-home message is: THINK BEFORE YOU POST!