Welcome to Great Milton C of E Primary School! KS2 SATs Results are on Our Outcomes page... Reading 96%... Writing 88%... Maths 92%... Well done to all of our Y6 children!
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Lunchtime Clubs

Our lunchtime clubs are predominantly run by our Year 5 & 6 students, keen to capitalise on currents crazes and ideas that are popular with children throughout school!


Mondays – Reading Club

Hawk Owls invite anyone to come along and share their love of reading!


Tuesdays – Sports Club

Year 6 play sports such as netball and football with our Elf & Tawny Owls, sharing their knowledge on skills and rules to help our youngest children pick up an enjoyments of these types of games.


Tuesdays – KS2 Choir

Mrs Frost and some of our Eagle Owls (Y5) pupils have just started up a choir for our KS2 children – come along and exercise those lungs! Everyone feels good after a good sing!


Wednesdays – Pokemon Club

Some of our Year 5 students are running this lunchtime club to satisfy that swapping craze that sweeps school every now and again! Bring along your cards to share, swap and chat about your favourites!


Thursdays – Board Games Club

Our Hawk Owls (Y6) are currently offering sessions to play your favourite games, or discover new ones during a Thursday afternoon.


Thursdays & Fridays – Quiet Club

Its exactly what it says it is! A quiet space for children to enjoy some quiet activities when needing some time away from the usual hustle & bustle of the day. Mrs Nethercleft enjoys it too…….


Keep reading here for developments and updates on new clubs joining our growing list of lunchtime offerings.