Our Governors are:

Mr Ben Light – Chair of Governors and Foundation Governor: Headteachers Appraisal, Strategy – 2016-2020

Ben has 2 daughters in Year 3 and a son in Y1 at the school.


Mrs Debbie Ball – Vice-Chair: SEN, EYFS, Pupils, Headteachers Appraisal, Strategy – 2016-2020

Debbie works in education and has a daughter in Y6 and a son in Y2 in the school.


Mrs Alyson Frost – Head Teacher Governor: Pupils, Resources & Personnel, Strategy

Alyson joined the governing body in 2015 as Headteacher Governor.


Reverend Simon Cronk – Ex-Officio Foundation Governor, Resources & Personnel – 2015-2019

Simon joined the governing body in October 2015 as Ex-Officio Foundation Governor and is now on the Personnel Committee.


Mrs Alison Wheeler – Co-opted: Resources & Personnel, Health & Safety – 2014-2018

Alison joined as a staff governor in 2010 and is now also Health & Safety Governor.


Mr Adam Kemp – Parent Governor: Resources & Personnel – 2015-2019

Having grown up in a small village in North Hertfordshire and attending the village school Adam went on to secondary school in Bedford before studying History at the University of the West of England. From a professional perspective he has an eCommerce background with a particular focus on the travel sector. He currently works for Mail Newspapers leading the consumer commercial revenue team. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his young children Beatrice (6), who is in Y2, and Barnaby (5) in Reception as well as food, wine and golf.


Mrs Rachel Forsyth – Parent Governor: Resources & Personnel – 2016-2020

Rachel is on the Pupils and Resources committees. She currently has one child at the school, in Year 4. As well as being a governor at our school she works and has also become a staff governor at a local special school.
Mrs Louise Simspon – Parent Governor – Co-opted 2017
Louise has recently joined the governing body and has a child in Year 3.


Mrs Nicola Holmes-Brown – Parent Governor – Co-opted 2017

Mrs Holmes-Brown has recently joined the governing body and has children in Year 3 and in Year 1.


Morgan LLoyd – Co-opted – 2017-2021

Morgan has joined the governing body in 2017. He has a child in Year 2.


Charlotte Stewart – Local Authority Governor: Safeguarding, Pupils, Headteachers Appraisal, Strategy – 2017-2021

Charlotte has joined the governing body in 2017. She has a daughter in Year 1.


Each governor also has a class link. These are detailed on the Governor Committee document which is linked on the Governor Roles page under the Governance section of the website.