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Welcome to your School!


Thank you for choosing to join our school family, we are so excited to welcome you and your family.  This page is for the families of the September 2021 intake and will give you the opportunity to access information to support the exciting transition into "big school".  Here you will find information on our school and how you can help your child start to get ready for "big School", in addition there are some activities, stories and photos to support your child. Each class at our school is named after an owl, the reception class is called "Elf Owls" and we will plan some activities around this theme. I look forward to meeting you all at our "new intake " meeting on 14th June at 7pm. 


Warmest wishes


Nicola Bennett


Elf Owls Class Teacher

Owl Babies Picture Book Animation

I hope you enjoy this lovely story about a family of owls.