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Welcome to all our new children and families starting school this September 2023. Please now go to 'Elf owls/ Reception' page for all information and news..!

Friday 16th June 2023

Dear Families,

A huge thank you to all of you who attended our 'Starting School' meeting on 14th June. It was lovely to meet you and start putting some names to faces. We look forward to getting to know everyone better over the coming weeks and months. 


If you didn't manage to make the meeting last week, the PowerPoint we talked through is below and should help to answer some initial questions you may have. We also have welcome packs to give to you at the first 'Stay and play' session.


For the stay and play sessions (Wed 28th June 9.30-11) and Wed 5th July 1.30-3), there are 3 options:

  • Stay with your child in the Early Years setting.
  • Stay in school, but have a drink/ chat with other parents in the school hall whilst your child plays in the setting.
  • Drop off your child and pick them up at the end of the session.

We are very happy for you to choose the option that suits your family best and you can always adapt for the second session.


Please note key dates for September:

  • Monday 4th September: INSET DAY (School closed for pupils).
  • Tuesday 5th September: 8.45/9- 11.30a.m.(Go home for lunch).
  • Wednesday 6h September: 8.45/9- 1p.m. (Stay for lunch).
  • Thursday 7th September: 8.45/9-3.30p.m. (Full days from today onwards).

(Please speak to us separately if you feel this is too much for your child in the first instance as we can arrange a more gentle way in).


Please have a look through the PowerPoint below and if you have any questions, bring them along on the first stay and play session or email the school office and we will give you a call or return your email.

With our very warmest wishes

Mrs Ray and Miss Taylor



May 2023

Welcome to your School!


Thank you for choosing to join our school family. We are so excited to welcome you and your family.  This page is for the families of the September 2023 intake and will give you the opportunity to access information to support the exciting transition into 'big school'.  Here you will find information on our school and how you can help your child start to get ready for school. Below, we have added some resources to support your child at home. The reception class is called 'Elf Owls' and we have included some activities around this theme.


We look forward to meeting new parents at our 'Starting School' meeting on Wednesday 14th June at 6.15p.m that will take place at school. We will introduce ourselves, give a short presentation and answer any questions you may have about school. It is also a great opportunity to meet fellow parents. We warmly invite you and you child for two stay and play sessions on Wednesday 28th June 9.30-11a.m and Wednesday 5th July 1.30-3p.m. We are also offering parent/teacher consultations on Wednesday 12th July where we have the opportunity to discuss your child with you in more detail.


With warmest wishes

The Great Milton Team 🦉 


Visiting our Spring Fair is a good way to meet other families and staff and experience our school’s caring, family ethos.

Owl Babies Picture Book Animation

We hope you enjoy this lovely story about a family of owls.