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Physical Education

PE at Great Milton



At Great Milton we want all children to develop a love for sport. We aim to ensure that all children are given equal opportunities and develop the skills to shine in an area of the curriculum that they love. Developing sportsmanship is embedded within our PE curriculum and we draw upon our school's vision and values of: providing opportunity for all, working together, loving to learn and supporting one another. We strive to develop a growth mindset within our children, where they know how they can progress their skills and have the perseverance in order to achieve their potential. We believe opportunities to compete in sports and other activities build character and help to embed values, such as fairness and respect. 



Our PE curriculum is led and delivered by our teachers, alongside our specialist Sports Coaches. Our curriculum has been designed to ensure a progression of skills throughout the school. The national curriculum for PE aims to ensure that all pupils: develop the competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities. With this, we have a varied range of sports that are taught throughout the school.

In Early Years and Key Stage 1, the children will develop their skills through the units:

Attack Defend Shoot, Hit Catch Run, Send and Return, Run Jump Throw, Dance, Gymnastics. Within these units, the children will develop their ball skills, hand-eye coordination, agility and participate within team games. 

In Key Stage 2, the children develop their skills through a range of sports that are taught across the year. These include: tag rugby, football, hockey, netball, basketball, badminton, tennis, American football, golf, cricket, rounders, handball, gymnastics, dance and athletics. 


We not only have staff trained in specific sports but also specific sports coaches to deliver sessions as part of our PE curriculum. These coaches also run after-school clubs and holiday clubs. Mr. Matt Pearce is a sports coach from Inspire Sports Coaching who comes into school to deliver PE lessons as part of our curriculum provision. Classes are timetabled termly with Matt.  He also works closely with our PE subject leader to ensure that the PE curriculum offers a wide variety of sports. Mrs. Vicki Coyle is a qualified Netball coach and offers an after-school club for children in Years 3 - Years 6. Neil James is an LTA tennis coach who comes into school once a week to provide small group tennis lessons to children in Key Stage 2 on a rolling program.



PE at Great Milton allows the children to develop their own skills and sporting ability, as well as being aware of others around them. The children within our school understand the importance of sportsmanship and embody this each time they take part in sport, including: PE lessons, at playtimes and when taking part in outside events and tournaments. They will recognise how to behave in a fair and respectful manner. The children understand what it means to be part of a team and acknowledge when a peer, both team player and opposition, have done well. The children have the opportunity to voice this through the use of Sports Stars, where the children are able to nominate a peer for recognition when they have performed particularly well, developed a skill or shown great perseverance and determination during a PE lesson.


Our children then have the confidence to try a range of sports and put themselves forward to participate in sporting events outside of their PE lessons. They enjoy taking part in competitive matches and events and can take pride in having great sportsmanship.