Welcome to Great Milton C of E Primary School! We currently have spaces in YR, Y2, Y3 and Y5. Read up on our charity news in the Christian Values section - we had a wonderful evening at Christian Aid's Big Sing 2019!
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School Council

Great Milton C of E Primary School’s Council consists of two representatives from each class in the school. New members for 2018-2019 have just been voted on.


Our School Council members are:

Elf Owls – Evie and Edward
Tawny Owls – Sam and Arthur
Barn Owls – Joshua and Abby
Snowy Owls – Bernie and Fleur
Boreal Owls – Connie and Henri
Eagle Owls – Barney and Isla
Hawk Owls – Tiger-Lee (Chair) and Elliot Richardson (Vice Chair)

During voting, some children made speeches giving reasons why they would be the ideal candidate to represent pupils’ voices.  We considered our school values, British values and how we followed the Golden rules.


The council has already had its first meeting and are meeting every second Tuesday. There is a display board in the school hall showing what the council will be working on and all school councilors will proudly wear their “School Council” badges to make them easily identifiable.


Our next few meetings will focus on School Dinners and Playground equipment, these are things that are important to the children in our school.  We also discussed the chairs in the classroom and we are pleased to announce that Barn, Snowy, Boreal and Eagle have had their wooden chairs replaced as a result.