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Working Together – Striving for Excellence


At Great Milton C of E Primary School we believe 3 things underpin Science teaching and learning:


‘Enquire, Explore, Enjoy’


Children are encouraged to ask questions, undertake hands-on investigations and enjoy discovering about the world around them. We make good use of our amazing school grounds and are busy developing our Science Shed.


Science teaching offers opportunities for all our children to:-
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of important scientific ideas, processes and skills and relate these to everyday experiences,
  • Learn about ways of thinking, finding out about and communicating ideas,
  • Explore values and attitudes through Science.


Children are naturally curious about the world. At Great Milton we encourage a love of learning by giving opportunities to explore the world around them, using all their senses and through planned opportunities to develop their understanding of key scientific ideas. They will be encouraged to make links between different phenomena and experiences.


Children are taught the practical skills to investigate questions safely by predicting, asking questions, making inferences and concluding and evaluating their experiments to promote the understanding of practical investigations.


Embedded in the teaching of Science is the concept of the children practising their mathematical skills; developing language skills through discussion and presentation of their ideas; to think creatively about Science, but most of all, the opportunity to enjoy trying to make sense of exciting phenomena!


Children will use ICT skills to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information.
As well as all this, children will work together, develop respect for the environment, living things and for their own health and safety.


At Great Milton we believe that supporting and sharing the children’s Science experience can happen at home too! Have a look at some of our suggestions for you to try out at home. We look forwards to hearing about all the fun you had together at home.


Here are some fantastic websites for your children to explore with you at home: