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See our review of a fabulous day, where children and staff took part in skipping and boxing workshops!




Skip2bfit visited school recently with their special brand of skipping & boxing to promote fitness in schools! Everyone in school had a go, including staff! Each class took part in skipping and boxing workshops, trying circuit-style activities with specialised equipment to some loud pumping tunes! The sessions were great fun and the children loved the challenges set!

Skip2Bfit promote skipping as a fitness activity for everybody. They work with schools, public health and as part of community and corporate events.

They brought along their specially designed counting skipping ropes to incorporate numeracy whilst promoting fitness and healthy living, as well as the unique “Blueberry Bounce”, a neat ball attached to elastic enabling children to learn catching skills without the frustration of having to chase and gather the ball if dropped!

At the end of each session, John handed out free blueberries teaching that exercise and eating healthily go hand in hand. The skipping ropes and bouncing blueberries were available to purchase from the School Office for children to continue the fun at home!

FYI: Hailey heads up the pupils’ leaderboard for number of skips in 2 minutes, Mrs Dickson heads the staff leaderboard and Mrs Roach impressed everyone with her efforts in the playground after school!

Please visit the Skip2bfit website for more information on what they do, and on the easily downloadable app! We look forward to welcoming them back soon!