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Snowy Owls to Boreal Owls



Hello, my future Boreal Owls! 


I am very excited to welcome you all to our new class for September.


For those of you, unsure of who I am, my name is Miss MacDonald and I am currently the teacher of Tawny Owls in Year 1. Here is a picture of me and my dog Bramble when we were in school busy preparing bits and bobs. Bramble rather enjoys coming to work with me and will be in over the summer helping me set up our classroom! 



I am thoroughly excited about having you all as my class in September and really getting to know each and every one of you. I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful group of children for my second year at Great Milton.

I have already got some great ideas up my sleeve for our learning and the different topics we will be getting involved in. Being creative and thinking outside of the box is a speciality of mine, making our classroom one that is vibrant, engaging, fun and full of laughter. I am firm whilst being fun and fair, as this is my way of ensuring that you learn to the best of your potential. 


Below are some activities for you to take part in so that we are ready to get going in September. The activities you will be completing are going to make up areas of our classroom so sure you take your time with the activities below, showing me what you are capable of. If you are in school this week, you will be completing these transition activities with your teacher in school.


Cannot wait to see you all soon!


Miss MacDonald heart

Snowy Owls to Boreal Owls Transition PowerPoint

Boreal Owls's classroom

Boreal Owls' cloakroom


Boreal Owls' classroom from the outside