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Snowy Owls Y3


Today is a sad day as it's time to say goodbye, Snowy Owls.

I wish you a very happy summer holidays

and I look forward to watching you all soar

to new heights as a Boreal Owl from September.

Take care

Mrs Green

Pizza Treat



 Welcome to Summer Term 2 in year 3.


I hope you all enjoyed the sunny half term and were able to spend time with family and friends, and visiting different places. 


Snowy Owls will spend this term consolidating their learning and preparing themselves for year 4.


Snowy Owl's can continue to arrive at school between 8:45 and 9:00am. Non-siblings will be ready for you to collect them at 3:15 pm, while those with siblings will go home at 3:30pm. The bus and minibus will leave at the usual times.


Drop off and pick up will also continue to be from the new green gate at the top of the car park.


This week we will be learning:



Telling the time - we will be completing our work on time this week by consolidating all that we have learnt so that we are ready for a new time focus in year 4. We will also look at division.


Times Tables - we will continue to focus on our 7s. We will be learning them through song and TTRockstars. 



This week we will focus on up levelling our favourite piece of writing from year 3. This piece will be handed to their new teacher so they know what a brilliant writer the children are. 



This week our focus will be the g sound spelt gue and the k sound spelt que.

league, plague, rogue, vague, fatigue, unique, antique, mosque, cheque, technique.

Useful information


During the term, the children will develop their understanding and skills whilst participating in different athletic events. PE will be on a Thursday morning. Trainers, shorts, sun hat and sun cream will be needed as the children will be outside. Please make sure that shoulder length hair is tied up, earrings are either taped or taken out and no jewellery is worn. The children need to come to school dressed in their PE kits. Please send in another set of clothes if the weather forecast predicts a likelihood of rain falling.



A piece of maths and spelling  homework will be set each Friday on our google classroom and needs to be returned by the following Friday. If the children prefer, then a hard copy can be given. 

The homework grid contains extra pieces of work based on other subjects that can be completed over the term. Homework will be allocated via google classroom. 


For more information about our learning this term, please see the newsletter below.


If you have any questions, please email the office or speak to me at the end of the day.


With kind regards

Mrs Green 

and the Year 3 Team

(Mrs Dickson and Mrs Hawksworth)










Each child has their own bookmark with questions they could answer on the book they have just read. You can support your child by choosing questions from the bookmark to ask. How do they know the answer? What page/pages gives them the evidence? The children could use a dictionary to find out the meaning of a new word or use a thesaurus to find an alternative word. 

Encourage your child to find somewhere cosy and quiet to sit and read their book. Try reading the same book as your child. Think about all the great discussions you could both have. Do you both agree on the ending, the character of the main person/animal? Above all, they must have fun and enjoy their book as it comes alive in their imagination. 


Below are some useful websites that will support you in becoming a maths master. Have fun while you are learning.

Stay safe at home. Remember, there is always someone to listen if you do not feel safe. Follow this link to the Childline website: