Welcome to Tawny Owls!


Class Teachers: Miss Steph Robinson

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Ali Wheeler, Mrs Ella Sansom


In Tawny Owls we are always busy. We work hard and have lots of fun!

Every day starts with Rainbow Maths, where we work independently at improving our number formation and adding and subtracting skills.  This is followed by Reading Workshop. During this time we have a carousel of activities. We do one each day. We practise our cursive handwriting skills with an adult, we read with our teachers, we practise our cutting skills, we look at book covers and think about what the story, setting and characters might be and we improve our dictionary skills.

The rest of each morning is filled with daily Maths, Literacy and phonics sessions. Our afternoons are filled with science, history, geography, art, D&T, PSHE and ICT(Have a look at our topic webs for more on this!).We have PE with Mr Isaacs on Tuesday and our class teacher on Thursday.

On Friday afternoon we have Golden Time which we love! We can play in our role play area and we also have Mobilo, Lego and Connex to build things with. We have a brand new fort, micromachines, dolls, little figures, cars, heaps of playmobil, books, colouring stuff, a doctor kit, dinosaurs, wooden town – the list goes on!

For homework in Tawny Owls we practise our cursive handwriting and High Frequency Words. The girl and boy who have tried the hardest get to be crowned the Handwriting King and Queen for that week!

We are lucky because we have very helpful parents who regularly come in to cook, sew and read with us.







Notice Board

See the photos of our trip to the British Motor Museum supporting our topic this term on "Transport".