Welcome to Tawny Owls!


Class Teachers: Mrs Lucy Horn, Miss Karen Foord (maternity leave from 30th September 2016), Miss Sarah Taylor

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Grayshon, Mrs Yates, Mrs Howlett & Mrs Nethercleft


In Tawny Owls we are always busy. We work hard and have lots of fun!

Every day starts with Rainbow Maths, where we work independently at improving our number formation and adding and subtracting skills.  This is followed by Reading Workshop. During this time we have a carousel of activities. We do one each day. We practise our cursive handwriting skills with an adult, we read with our teachers, we practise our cutting skills, we look at book covers and think about what the story, setting and characters might be and we improve our dictionary skills.

The rest of each morning is filled with daily Maths, Literacy and phonics sessions. Our afternoons are filled with science, history, geography, art, D&T, PSHE and ICT(Have a look at our topic webs for more on this!).We have PE with Mr Isaacs on Tuesday and our class teacher on Thursday.

On Friday afternoon we have Golden Time which we love! We can play in our role play area and we also have Mobilo, Lego and Connex to build things with. We have a brand new fort, micromachines, dolls, little figures, cars, heaps of playmobil, books, colouring stuff, a doctor kit, dinosaurs, wooden town – the list goes on!

For homework in Tawny Owls we practise our cursive handwriting and High Frequency Words. The girl and boy who have tried the hardest get to be crowned the Handwriting King and Queen for that week!

We are lucky because we have very helpful parents who regularly come in to cook, sew and read with us.

We also have news of what goes on in Tawny Owls regularly showing below!



Senses Afternoon December 2016

We have been learning about the senses: touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. As part of this topic, Mr. Nethercleft, one of the Dads, came in to talk to us about his job…….smelling! He works with fragrances to put in so many things that we use around our home and around and about: perfume, washing powder, shampoo, face creams………so he came to talk to us about our sense of smell and how important it is! We learned how a bad smell can warn us of something not very good for us, or bad to eat (such as an egg that has gone off), and showed us how a good smell can make us want to taste something, or be around it (flowers for example!). He taught us the important scientific words “diffusion” and “olfactory bulb”! And Mr Nethercleft brought in different smells for us to guess: some of it was quite hard to guess but we all laughed when we found out what they were! There was: lemon, roses, leather, coca cola and the last one was…….sheep poo!!!!!! He also talked us about the incredible sense of smell that animals have and how vital it is to their survival. A grizzly bear is the “King of Smell” – it can pick up a scent as far away as Blenheim Palace! Thank you Mr Nethercleft for a fun afternoon, we loved it! See our photos below!


Our trip to The Jack Peers Centre – April 2017

What a wonderful day we had at the Peers Centre on the last day of the Spring Term. Mrs Horn took our picnic and games equipment in the camper van while we took a beautiful walk across the fields from school to the centre. We spotted foxholes, rabbit holes and fish in the river! We stopped off at Bobby’s house for a cool glass of squash and a cupcake, to keep our strength up! When we got to the centre, we got straight on with our team-building games. We split off into our groups and took part in activities such as the blindfold game “Find The Tree”, den building, a minibeast hunt and fire-starting. These activities helped us to learn about teamwork, trust, resourcefulness and exploration. We were ready then for our picnic lunch, on the deck outside, looking out over the beautiful countryside of Great Milton, swathed in sunshine. After lunch, we had our surprise! An Easter Egg hunt with a treat for each of us at the end. We then played while the teachers and helpers packed up. We always make sure we leave the Peers Centre how we found it! We were tired after all of our fun in the outdoors so the walk back to school took a bit longer! Thank you to Mrs Bamford, Mrs Trump, Mrs Wing and Mrs Adiri for joining us and helping us. Thank you to Mrs Putt & Bobby for helping and providing lovely refreshments, and thank you, as always to the Peers family. See our great photos at the bottom of the page.

Tawny Owls Pirate Day 2017!

We had an amazing day celebrating our Pirate Topic! What didn’t we do?! Firstly, we all came dressed as pirates! Mrs Horn looked amazing in her beard! We then welcomed Crocodiles of the World to school who stayed all morning showing us some amazing reptile creatures! We talked about and handled a crcodile, a lizard, a snake, a tortoise and an alligator. We weren’t at all scared as we’re really tough pirates!

Then we set about all of our pirate-y activities! We baked hard-tacks, a staple pirate food! We painted our giant pirate and created our own treasure maps. We continued with our pirate books and sang traditional sea shanties such as “What shall We Do with The Drunken Sailor?”. We then marched around school hunting down those who needed to walk the plank for stealing our pirate treasure! We couldn’t believe Mrs Walters and Mrs Sansom thought they could get away with it! No-one messes with us pirates!!

Mrs Adiri took a break from her violin teaching and came in to play us a hornpipe! So cool! We carried on modelling our class treasure island and then Mrs Horn set us to scrubbing the decks outside! That was hard work! 

We were fabulous pirates all day; now we know how tough it is being pirates!


Design & Technology – May 2017

We have been designing packaging for a fruit juice cocktail! We planned our flavours, then concocted them. Next, we evaluated the flavours and thought about what we might do differently. Then came the best bit……we drank our cocktails!!! See the photos below.


Trip to Oxford Castle – June 2017

What an amazing day we had at Oxford Castle! To support our topic for this term we visited this Medieval/Norman castle in the centre of Oxford. We had an action-packed today filled with plenty of activities: we climbed to the top of the mount, and then we learned about Princess Matilda & King Stephen. They did not get along, and during the civil war of the 12th century, Matilda needed to escape. She was a very clever lady and managed to use skates & horse poo to flee over the ice! Imagine! We then were given a sensory talk taking us back to medieval times, bringing alive the smells and touch of the time: we felt keys, chainmail, cups & thimbles and we smelled dirty laundry and mouldy food! We were then able to get into character by dressing up as princesses, kings and knights. Then came the big climb: 101 steps up the tower! Phew! We managed it, even on a hot day!! Finally we were able to experience the punishment cells………they were a bit scary!

“What was your favourite part of the day Eva?” “The story about Matilda & Stephen”.

“What was your favourite part of the day Imogen?” “Climbing up the mount”.

You will see from our photos below, we also cooled down at the end of the day by having a sneaky run through the sprinklers on the front lawns! We caused a lot of amusement!

Thank you to our leader Becca at Oxford Castle for a wonderful visit, thank you to Zoe for our packed lunches, and thank you to Sharon who came along to help on the day too! Have a look at the photos!


Have a look at some of our classroom displays!




Notice Board

See photos of our World Language Day activities - we were Italy! Che bella giornata! See the pictures from our fabulous afternoon learning about our sense of smell with Mr Nethercleft!  
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