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Teachers: Miss Rachel Gray
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Annabel Nethercleft & Mrs Julie Grayshon


Welcome to the Summer Term!


In Snowy Owls we love learning and supporting each other to be the best that we can be. Every day we have Maths and Literacy lessons as well as time dedicated to developing a love of reading by either reading with others, discussing the books we are reading or boosting our comprehension, punctuation and grammar.


This Spring term we are exploring the era of the Tudors, we will explore the monarchy, Tudor dance and lots of other exciting things. We will also be learning about Light and Shadow. Please keep your eyes out for photos and updates on the activities we are doing.

Children will receive their topic maps and homework grids when returning to school. However, there is also a copy below.

Stone Age Day

We had a great day “living the Stone Age”, our topic for this term. Miss Gray had turned our classroom into a cave for the day and we “furnished” it by creating cave paintings! We made our own mud paints for this and learned how to start fires using flints. We are continuing our studies reading Stone Age stories, imagining being part of a Stone Age family, re-enacting Stone Age activities and creating freeze frames! Have a look at our photos below!


Our trip to Sulgrave Manor 2017

We had a brilliant day at Sulgrave Manor where our topic on The Tudors came to life! We all dressed up in Tudor costume and visited Sulgrave to learn about the workings of a Tudor house, a day in the life of Tudor school children, all about the life of possibly the most famous Tudor monarch and we even practised some tudor dancing!

Our morning was spent discussing our Tudor clothing and visiting the rooms of the manor which belonged to the Washington family (they were descendants of George Washington himself!). We learned how meals were prepared, what foods were eaten, how they dined, slept and even carried out their daily ablutions (that’s washing and going to the toilet to you and me!)! Expressions we use today came from many of these activities: the “upper crust”, “sleep tight” for example. We had a short play in the rose garden and then went back inside to enjoy our home made tudor packed lunches.

We re-enacted the life of King Henry VIII in the afternoon, each of us being given characters to play: King Henry himself, his wives, the King’s ambassador to Rome and the Pope, the executioner (who was a busy man), Hans Holbein, the King’s children and the gossiping courtiers (we were good at that!). We really impressed the manor staff with how much knowledge of Tudor times we could share. We danced a bit and then we moved to the Tudor classroom to learn how to write Tudor script with ink quills. It was quite tricky!

A big thank you to everyone at Sulgrave Manor for giving us such a fabulous Tudor experience!

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See photos from our fabulous day at Sulgrave Manor!
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