Teacher: Mrs Amanda Voss – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Mrs Emma Warner – Monday

                                Teaching Assistants: Mrs Julie Grayshon                             


Welcome to Boreal Owls Class! 

Click on the link below to view the parent information presentation from July 2017, introducing the new academic year.

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Have a look at the previous Year 4’s experiences below whilst we update our page!


Boreal Owls and Eagle Owls currently have the brilliant opportunity to be taught art by Sallie for an afternoon a week. So far, we have learnt how to accurately draw portraits, through measuring distances between facial features and using mirrors. As well as portraits, we are using the natural art around us to produce replica drawings of leaves and insects. Below are some pieces of the fantastic art work we have been producing!



We have been learning about electricity and investigating which materials are conductors or insulators. Have a look at the circuits we have constructed!

Design & Technology  


We have been creating our own Stop Frame animations. Have a look at Eden’s!


Our trip to Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock for our topic: Anglo-Saxons – as reported by William

We arrived at the museum all feeling very excited and wondering what activities we would be doing. We saw the learning hall and we all had to sit in rows and were then put in groups all named after the seven kingdoms; Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia, Kent, Wessex, Sussex and Essex. The Anglo-Saxon wars were explained to us and land use and all the authority over counties. We heard too about some of the stories and commanders. Some of our group were called out for a talk about the commanders and we were told about the wars. Then the two kingdoms of Kent and Wessex each got plastic helmets and wooden swords and we looked hilarious. We had silent fights and did some roleplay. Afterwards, we were split into two groups and one went to the hoard whereas the other group were given a chart and pictures of artefacts and they had to guess what they were and what they were used for. One of the artefacts was so hard that the lady had to say what it was. It was a charm. Next, we got to make old anglo-saxon money using a hammer and log which had prints on the end. We hit the log with the hammer and removed the counter which by then had the same print as the log. It was then our turn to visit the hoard and we explored all the artefacts and there was even a skeleton from the Anglo-Saxon times. It was then time to say goodbye and we all got feedback sheets. We went back to the coach and got to school and completed our feedback sheets.


Notes for parents:

Mornings: The time before school starts is very busy so when Boreal Owls arrive into class, we do our jobs, finish any work we need to complete, and then read quietly until our morning lessons start.

Homework: This is an important part of the curriculum, and will normally be given out on a Friday.

Letters: Please check book bags.

PE: Please could children have trainers (for outdoor PE) as well as plimsolls for indoors, but no studs.

Classroom equipment:

These are some of the sort of things your child may feel they need in class:

  • their own small pencil case ( 1 please, no more!)
  •  a handwriting pen once they have a pen licence
  •  two pencils HB
  •  a pencil sharpener
  •  an eraser
  • a ruler
  •  a highlighting pen
  •  a whiteboard marker
  • And, if they wish, some coloured felt tips/ pencils

I appreciate your help in making sure your child is fully equipped for the academic year.


If any parents wish to get involved in activities such as guided reading, art, helping with class displays, music, design and technology, or any special skill may you possess which could increase the wealth of our classroom experience, please do talk to me. 


Notice Board

Please see our Topic Map for the Autumn Term 2017