Welcome to Eagle Owls,
Autumn Term
This term we are working alongside Hawk Owls on our exciting topic, The Polar Regions.  As part of this, we have received a phone call from Sally, a research scientist on the British Antartctic Survey Ship! It was incredible. She talked to us all about her work, studies, and life on the ship and her experiences when working on the continental ice. A transcript of our Q&A session can be found when you click on the link below:
We have been learning about the parts of plants, dissecting them, researching how plants grow and drawing their various parts.  We have enjoyed using the microscope to take a really close look and are planning an experiment to see the affect for plants when you take away their basic needs, such as light. Photos coming soon!



Year 5 and 6 Visit to The Steam Museum 

As part of our unit of work on World War Two, Years 5 and 6 visited the Steam museum in Swindon for the wartime festival: ‘We’ll meet again’. Here the children were able  to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the Home Front. There was a huge collection of original handling artefacts and authentic costumes from World War Two for the children to enjoy and try on, as well as seeing a reconstruction of a public air raid shelter and an evacuation carriage. They met an ARP (air raid precautions) warden, listened out for the air raid siren and took cover in a shelter. They shared the anxiety and excitement of becoming evacuees and discovered some ingenious solutions to wartime shortages, rationing and tackling ‘making do and mending’. They explored what wartime would have been like for children in the 1940s and learnt first hand from a child survivor what it meant to live through the Blitz. Have a look at our photos below!

P.E will be every Friday with our sport and tennis coaches.  Please can you ensure that a full P.E kit with indoor and outdoor shoes are provided. A jumper for P.E would be beneficial as the weather gets colder.
Homework will be handed out on Thursday to be returned on Tuesday.  Your child has a yellow reading diary to record their own home and school reading, please can you encourage them to read at home and complete their diary.
Pencil cases and water bottles
Eagle Owls are allowed to have one pencil case in class and can choose to write in black pen (not biro) or pencil.  Equipment is always available in class for all pupils.  Please can your child bring in a named water bottle for the school day.
Residential trip
Boreal and Eagle Owls will be going on a residential visit for three days together in the spring time, more information to follow.
I am delighted that we have Mrs Dickson working alongside us and together, with the brilliant Eagle Owls, we hope to have a fantastic year.
Mrs Goodes- Eagle Owls Teacher and Deputy Head

Notice Board

Please see our Spring Term Topic Web 2018 in Downloads      
Have a look at our Maths Mastery Day summary, attached in Downloads (5th December 2017)