Teaching Staff: Mrs Claire Nicholls, Mrs Ange Harrison

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Alison Wheeler, Mrs Maria Dickson & Mrs Annabel Nethercleft


Year 6 Buddies 

Each child in Reception has a Year 6 buddy who regularly visits them in their classroom, looks after them at playtime and reads stories with them. Mrs Nicholls has been especially impressed with how attentive and caring the Year 6 children have been.


This half term we are studying rainforests as our topic. In English the children will be writing a recount of a journey into a rainforest where there is a sudden change of atmosphere – possibly due to the weather. As a starting point the class wrote rainforest setting descriptions using personification and metaphors Please see some of their fantastic writing below:








Have a look at the transcript of our interview with Sally, a research scientist based on the RRS Jack Ross in the Antarctic. She phoned us and answered our questions for half an hour, talking about her job and life in the Antarctic. We were amazed!



Forest School



On a Friday afternoon, the Year 6 children have been enjoying Forest School. Forest School is a specialised learning process that allows children the opportunity to develop confidence and self-esteem through hand-on learning experiences in the great outdoors. They have especially enjoyed lighting fires and building a swing out of natural materials. Please see more information about Forest School under our “About Us” section, on the Curriculum page.





Our topic this year has been World War Two and the children have been studying ‘Rose Blanche’ and the ‘Piano’. They have produced some incredibly emotive pieces of writing, which are now in the Downloads section for you to enjoy!

Eagle & Hawk Owls Trip to The Steam Museum October 2017

As part of our unit of work on World War Two, Years 5 and 6 visited the Steam Museum in Swindon for the wartime festival: ‘We’ll meet again’. Here the children were able  to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the Home Front. There was a huge collection of original handling artefacts and authentic costumes from World War Two for the children to enjoy and try on, as well as seeing a reconstruction of a public air raid shelter and an evacuation carriage. They met an ARP (air raid precautions) warden, listened out for the air raid siren and took cover in a shelter. They shared the anxiety and excitement of becoming evacuees and discovered some ingenious solutions to wartime shortages, rationing and tackling ‘making do and mending’. They explored what wartime would have been like for children in the 1940s and learnt first hand from a child survivor what it meant to live through the Blitz. Have a look at our photos below!


Notice Board

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Please see some examples of our fabulous writing in the Downloads Section