Great Milton C of E Primary School’s Eco-Committee is the action team and the driving force behind the Eco-Schools work. We comprise pupils chosen or elected to represent different year groups and the whole school. Our School Eco-Committee for 2016-17 is:
  • Elf Owls: Jessica and Harry
  • Tawny Owls: Eva and Samuel
  • Barn Owls: Hamish and Annie
  • Snowy Owls: Gracie and Henry
  • Boreal Owls: Eden and Tiger
  • Eagle Owls: Jake and Madisen
  • Hawk Owls: Martha and Christopher
The committee thinks about and undertakes projects to keep our school eco-friendly, to encourage us all to think more about the environment around us and how we can make the most of our beautiful countryside setting. It considers too the wider world and how we can help improve our environment to keep our planet balanced and protected.
The committee is currently designing our pond area which is due to be redeveloped.  Have a look at our initial plan!
Keep looking here for updated Eco-Committee news!