Our Mission Statement 

Working Together-Striving for Excellence


At Great Milton Church of England Primary School we aim to provide the best possible education and opportunities for all our pupils.We endeavour to cultivate respect for the spiritual and moral beliefs of the Christian tradition, showing tolerance and understanding of alternative religions.We aim to create a community in which pupils, cared for as individuals, are helped to find fulfilment as they grow towards adulthood.
The family atmosphere of our school is highly valued and we aim to ensure that children, parents and staff feel that they can all make a worthwhile contribution to our team. Our Mission Statement celebrates the fact we aim to create a happy, purposeful and stimulating environment within which each individual will be able to achieve the highest possible standards of educational, personal and spiritual development.
Great Milton C of E Primary School is a unique place because we value the uniqueness of the people in it. It is built on strong values – we not only teach children to the highest educational standards but we teach them about God, life, friendships, how to treat others and how to carry themselves through life as kind and thoughtful people.
Our curriculum is broadly based on practical experience. This is how we feel children learn best. There is a strong emphasis on ‘doing’. We are able to utilise our stimulating environment to deliver all National Curriculum subjects in a practical and meaningful way. Our approach is through both cross-curricular themes and subject based teaching. The idyllic setting that we are in, enables us to become deeply involved with the environment and the community in which we live, helping the children to become valued and conscientious members of their neighbourhood and beyond.