Welcome to Great Milton C of E Primary School. We are currently open for vulnerable children and children of key workers.
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Who's Who

Headteacher: Mrs Alyson Frost 

EYFS- Y3 Phase Leader: Mrs Nicola Bennett

Y4-6 Phase Leader: Mrs Sue Green

Acting SENCo: Mrs Sue Green 


Office Manager: Mrs Rhona Biel

Office Assistant: Mrs Tracy Green



YR (Elf Owls): Mrs Nicola Bennett (RE/English Lead)

Y1 (Tawny Owls): Miss Lois MacDonald (NQT)

Y2 (Barn Owls): Mrs Sue Green (Maths/Science/English Lead)

Y3 (Snowy Owls): Miss Steph Robinson 

Y4 (Boreal Owls): Mrs Sally Pietropinto, Mrs Helen Wood

Y5 (Eagle Owls): Miss Rachel Johnston

Y6 (Hawk Owls): Mrs Laura Ray, Miss Sarah Taylor  


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Nikki Howlett

Mrs Katie Drummond 

Mrs Ella Sansom

Mrs Helen Belcher

Mrs Ali Wheeler

Mrs Julie Grayshon

Mrs Maria Dickson

Mrs Nicola Hawksworth

Mrs Hayley Cox


Pupil Premium Champion TA: Mrs Nikki Howlett (EYFS/KS1)

Forest School Leader: Mrs Nikki Howlett

Sports Leader: Mrs Maria Dickson

Sports Coaches: Mr Tom Sykes (Multi Sports), Mr Neil James (Tennis)


Lunchtime Catering

Miss Zoe Wilks

Mrs Kathryn Lynch


Lunchtime Supervisors 

Mrs Veronica Putt

Mrs Steph Gabbard


Breakfast Club

Mrs Veronica Putt

Mrs Helen Belcher

Mrs Ali Wheeler


After School Club

Mrs Zoe Wilks

Mrs Steph Gabbard

Mrs Julie Grayshon


Cleaning Staff

Miss Stacey Speakman

Mr Gary Speakman