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Year 1

Our classroom and school arrival set-up...

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Yr 1 – Tawny Owls


Class Teacher: Miss Lois MacDonald

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Ella Sansom


Welcome to Tawny Owls' Class page!


Hello, my lovely Tawny Owls!


Welcome to Term 6 of our learning journey together. I cannot believe that we are starting our final term of learning together and for some of you, that learning will take place with your parents at home but also with me in school, as well. I cannot wait to see all of your smiling faces again and I know that Mrs Sansom feels the same. 


For those of you returning to school in either Pod A or Pod B, you will be taking part in both structured and creative learning. I feel that it is important for us to settle back into our school routine but to take it slowly, as we have been used to learning at home for the past 10 weeks. I will also give the children in school to complete some of the home learning challenges as well. If you are continuing with learning at home, I will still be providing you with work you can do either throughout the week or as and when you wish to.  Shortly, I will be uploading a home learning choosing grid, which contains 40 different learning activities for you to choose from. The grid contains activities that cover all areas of the curriculum, whilst still being fun, engaging and creative. 


Whilst I am in school with the Pods, I will be sharing updates of what we are getting up to both on the website and the blog! If you are at home, please continue to share what you are doing on the blog or send me an email because we would love to see your learning! 


Remember, as you are at home the way you learn and when you do your learning will be a little different but do not panic. You need to be calm and patient about this and remember that you are the experts in how Tawny Owls learn, so you need to help your parents in any way you can. I will know if you have been helping and being kind to your parents because remember, Miss MacDonald knows everything. smiley


Missing you more than jelly tots! We will see you soon.


Miss MacDonald  and Mrs Sansom laughheart


P. S. If you haven't finished all of the home learning activities that I set last week and you wanted to either continue with them or finish them, I have moved them to the end of our class page. I only did this to create space at the top of the class page smiley

'How fa' will you go this week?

Stay safe at home. Remember, there is always someone to listen if you do not feel safe. Follow this link to the Childline website:

Tawny Owl Home Learning Grid

Phonics learning grid- 13th July

The Tiger Who Came to Tea (Listen Along Version)

Can you work out what our topic will be this term...

What has Miss MacDonald been busy creating?
Why is there a selection of seasons and weathers?
What is this section showing?
What is this section showing?
What is this section showing?
What is this section showing?
What has Miss MacDonald been busy creating?
Why is there a circle of weathers and an arrow?
Why is Lani's green bean in this section of the display?

Great Milton Rainbow Challenge

Yr 1 – Tawny Owls


Class Teacher: Miss Lois MacDonald

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Ella Sansom


Welcome to Tawny Owls' Class page!


Welcome to Term 5 of our learning journey. This new term will bring some new exciting learning that Tawny Owls, Mrs Sansom and I (Miss MacDonald) are going to be exploring and unpicking together. We looking forward to delving into all of our topics. 


This term will also present some challenges, as we undertake another period of home learning. However, Tawny Owls have so far welcomed this challenge so far and have fully embarrassed this challenge. I know that they will continue to embrace this, whilst they are needed to stay at home.


Topic - Seasons and Weather



Our topic focus this term is, 'Weather and Seasons'. 




This term, in Tawny Owls, we will be expanding and deepening our understanding of our English learning.

We will be consolidating our understanding of the use of capital letters, full stops, question mark, adjectives and the use of the conjunction word 'and' to connect two separate parts of a sentence. To help in their consolidation of knowledge and understanding, we will be taking part in learning similar to that, that the children have participated in and enjoyed before.


On top of the English vocabulary, we have already learnt, we will be adding new English vocabulary into our bank of knowledge (verbs, prefix, suffix, min clause and subordinate clause). I am very excited about teaching you some new English techniques. 


Although we will be introducing and focusing somewhat on the introduction of new learning, there will still be a continual focus on sentence structure, placement of full stops, capital letters and finger spaces, as well as the use of adjectives and conjunctions. It is really important that we continue to consolidate and develop our learning in these areas so that we can feel fully confident when using these writing aspects independently. 



Our prior learning of the 5ws and how will also be useful this term- it's a good thing we already have that in our bank of knowledge.


Alongside the introduction of new English vocabulary, we will be exploring and looking at the story of, 'If all the world were...' by Joseph Coelho and Allison Colpoys. 



The story follows the journey of a granddaughter and grandad, through the changing of the seasons. This story links beautifully to our term topic and science topic of seasons and weather. 


We will also be exploring our writing in other subjects such as RE, Topic, Geography and Science.


However, Tawny Owls have discovered, over the time we have been learning together, that English learning doesn't just take place when we are writing but it also takes place when we are reading, speaking and doing drama. So this term, we will be continuing to explore these other methods of learning, not just in English but in other subjects as well. We have particularly enjoyed the use of drama, crime scenes, role play and creating settings- these I will be expanding in particular. 




We LOVE reading in Tawny Owls!

In Tawny Owls the children are given 3-4 books a week to read. This is because it is important to read a book more than once to understand and build comprehension. Each child has their own reading record to be filled in at home and at school. It is advised for children to read every day. 


In the classroom, we aim to read with each child once a week and we enjoy growing in our reading through guided reading, phonics sessions, literacy lessons and other disciplines.


This term, we will be building on the guided reading and comprehension work that we started introducing in Spring terms 3 and 4. This is an element that is explored during our reading carousel that we complete every day at school, after lunch. 




Tawny Owls and I cannot wait to get stuck into our maths learning this term! In our maths lessons we don't just learn, we have fun as well. Tawny Owls love maths and thoroughly enjoy learning new methods as well as working together to increase and improve our maths knowledge and skillset. 


This term, we will be revisiting and consolidating our maths knowledge as well as expanding and broadening the learning we have already collected in our bank of learning. In the Summer term, we will not only be calculating and working things out but we will also be questioning and delving further into the mastery side of mathematics. 





Our science topic term is Seasons, linking to our overall term topic of  Weather and Seasons. 




This term the children will be having PE on a Friday and this will be outside with Mr Sykes, our sports coach, therefore children will need jogging trousers, PE top, warm jumper and trainers. In addition to this, Tawny Owls will also be taking part in an additional PE  with me (Miss MacDonald) on another day of the week (this may be something that will either happen every week or every other week). This lesson will either take place outside or in the hall. The PE lesson with me (Miss MacDonald) will cover a variety of PE areas; fitness, yoga, ball skills, rounders and team games. 


PE kit can stay on their pegs and will be sent home for washing when needed, as it is possible for the children to be doing PE on other days in the week as well. Don’t forget to pack socks if your child is wearing tights on PE days!


PE with Miss MacDonald will be fully up and running when we are able to return to school but keep your eye on the website, just in case, Miss Mac's PE lessons start whilst you're at home. 





The children and I, have really been getting stuck into our RE learning and have been thoroughly enjoying expanding our understanding of the subject, together as a team. We have been exploring the religions of Christianity and Judaism. 


Recently we have been exploring stories within the Old Testament of The Bible. We read, as a class, the story of how the world began. We discussed each element God created and the day it was created on. We then took the day that stuck out to us the most and drew our interpretation of that specific day of creation. Tawny Owls did some amazing drawings and explanations, putting Miss MacDonald to shame. We are LOVING our RE lessons. 





This term we will continue to explore the stories of the Bible and retelling them in our own ways. One of the Bible stories that there will be a focus on this term is, Noah's Ark.




Tawny Owls receive one piece of homework a week, that they choose from our Homework Grid. The homework choosing grid includes areas of learning and topic focuses that we cover during class. In addition, the children also get given a piece of handwriting homework each week, which is set as an additional piece and is optional for the children to do. Homework is given out on Friday and is due back in on a Wednesday


I thoroughly look forward to a brilliant summer term with the Tawny Owls!


Miss Lois MacDonald smiley heart

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