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Year 1

Yr 1 – Tawny Owls


Class Teacher: Miss Lois MacDonald

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Ella Sansom


Welcome to Tawny Owls' Class page!


Happy New Year from Tawny Owls. This new year will bring some new exciting learning that Tawny Owls, Mrs Sansom and I (Miss MacDonald) are going to be exploring and unpicking together. We looking forward to delving into all of our topics.





Our topic focus this term is, 'People Who Help Us'. The children will have the chance to explore all of the different types of people who help us and the job that enables them to help society. The children will also be given the opportunity to meet people in an occupation that helps people in society. 




In English this term we will be looking at the 5Ws - who, what, where, when and why and also how

The children will use this knowledge to write sentences about occupations that help us, as well as come up with questions for these occupations, that they will then have the opportunity to put to our visitors.  



In Tawny Owls this week, we have been using our 5w and How skills to ask questions during our Hot Seating drama, in English. Some of the children dressed up as people who help us and sat in the 'Hot Seat', whilst the rest of Tawny Owls asked them 5w and How questions.


Tawny Owl crime scene!







Tawny Owls have become detectives! We came into our classroom today and found that a crime had taken place in our outside role play area. Our Dentist teeth, from the Doctors Surgery have been stolen! Our Tawny Detectives spent their English lesson collecting information and evidence from the crime scene, as well as going around all the staff collecting finger print evidence. We wonder who the thief will be?




Tawny Owls and I cannot wait to gt stuck into our maths learning this term! Tawny Owls will be revisiting the topic of addition and subtraction, as well as revising addition and subtraction number fact to 10 and 20.

In addition to this learning, Tawny Owls will also be learning and exploring the areas of place value, number facts, 3D shapes, time, counting and fractions. To aid their learning and understanding, the children will also be given the choice and opportunity to explore their maths learning further, in afternoon focused choosing time.





Our science topic term is plants. The children will be exploring the life cycle of different plants and discovering what a plant needs in order to thrive. 


During this term Tawny Owls will take part in a science investigation based around what a plant needs to survive. There will also be the chance for the children to investigate the differences between varieties of seeds and bulbs. 




In Tawny Owls the children are given 3-4 books a week to read. This is because it is important to read a book more than once to understand and build comprehension. Each child has their own reading record to be filled in at home and at school. It is advised for children to read every day. 


In the classroom we aim to read with each child once a week and we enjoy growing in our reading through guided reading, phonics sessions, literacy lessons and other disciplines.




This term the children will be having PE on a Friday and this will be outside with Mr Sykes, our sports coach, therefore children will need jogging trousers, PE top, warm jumper and trainers. In addition to this, Tawny Owls will also be taking part in PE on a Wednesday afternoon with me (Miss MacDonald). This lesson will either take place outside or in the hall. 


PE kit can stay on their pegs and will be sent home for washing when needed, as it is possible for the children to be doing PE on others days in the week as well. Don’t forget to pack socks if your child is wearing tights on PE days!



This week with Miss MacDonald, Tawny Owls started their Yoga  sessions on a Wednesday Afternoon. They were introduced to some poses that are used in Yoga.




Tawny Owls receive one piece of homework a week, that they choose from our Homework Grid. The homework choosing grid includes areas of learning and topic focuses that we cover during class. In addition, the children also get given a piece of handwriting homework each week, which is set as an additional piece and is optional for the children to do. Homework is given out on Friday and is due back in on a Wednesday


I thoroughly look forward to a brilliant spring term with the Tawny Owls!


Miss Lois MacDonald


Tawny Homework Grid- Spring

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