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Year 3

Happy Summer Holidays!

Dear Snowy Owls,


I cannot believe we are now in our last two days before the summer holidays. You have all worked so hard this year and I am incredibly proud of how you have blossomed and grown in your learning and in yourselves.


In this school year, you have had to learn lots of new skills, and you have all risen to the challenge fantastically. Thank you for being such a brilliant class and I look forward to seeing all the amazing achievements you make as Boreal Owls.


I hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday,

Keep reaching for the stars!

Miss Robinson



If you are in pod B or learning from home, I have added some activities for you to dip into on Monday and Tuesday. These are some fun end of year activities including: an ice cream maths investigation, a memories art project, and an English booklet full of summer activities.


There is a fantastic reading opportunity set up by the Reading Agency to explore too. This is the Silly Squad reading challenge, which goes all the way to September, and it is a super and exciting way to read new books and to feel a real sense of achievement and challenge. Click on this link here if you would like to take part or to learn more:


Stay safe at home. Remember, there is always someone to listen if you do not feel safe. Follow this link to the Childline website:

Snowy Owls timetable

Snowy Owl's spellings from 27th April

Snowy Owl's super home learning!

A great Romulus and Remus comic strip
Another super dragon description
A terrific Viking diary entry
A super detailed map of Viking trade links
Great 2d shape work
Super Viking ship figurehead designs
A fantastic ice dragon description p1
Fantastic ice dragon description p2
Some creative rainbows!
Brilliant spring flower poster
Another amazing dragon description and picture!
A great dragon description
Lots of amazing angle learning
A brilliantly labelled Viking longship
An old class friend has been very busy at home
She decided to have a go at some Snowy Owl work
Thank you for sharing it with us!

Teaching Staff

Miss Stephanie Robinson, class teacher

Mrs Hawksworth, teaching assistant


Some useful websites:


Welcome to Snowy Owls class page!


For the second half of this spring term we are moving from rainforests to the Vikings.

We will be exploring some very exciting Viking raids and invasions as well as using our map knowledge to see where they settled and visited.

In English we will be writing instructions for 'How to catch a dragon' and we will be looking at the story of Beowulf. The children will discover how to write their own playscripts and how to create some Viking poetry.

In maths we are going to learn how to use the expanded column method to add 2-3 digit numbers together. Then we will be brushing up on our knowledge of telling the time and recapping how to subtract using a number line.



This short term Snowy Owls have PE with Mr Sykes on a Friday morning.

Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school during the week, as sometimes we may have PE lessons on other days too.  



The children will soon be bringing home a list of spellings for the week and a spelling menu. They choose from the menu which way they would like to practise their spellings for that week. Spellings will be given out on Friday for a spelling test on the following Friday. See below for spellings for the 13th March up to week commencing 20th April.



In Snowy Owls reading is an important part of our daily routine. It is massively important for children to read every day. Soon the children will be given a reading diary to keep track of home and class reading, this and their reading books will need to be brought into school every day. In class, the children will be taking part in guided reading where they will have the chance to read a book as a group, have a go at comprehension questions and read for pleasure in our class's reading nook.


Miss Robinson

Fishkeeper Fry week 5: We welcomed 6 Copper Harlequin fish to our tank!

Fishkeeper Fry week 3: Our first fish!

First we had to float the fish in their bag
We added water from the tank into the bag
When the fish were ready they went into the tank
We loved watching them!

Fishkeeper Fry week 2: Adding the live plants and testing the water

Fishkeeper Fry week 1: Setting up the aquarium

We worked together to create collages showing the different rainforest layers

Rangoli leaf art

We have been finding sticks, stones and leaves to make 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. The leaves were hundreds, the sticks were tens and the stones were ones. Some of us even made our leaves, sticks and stones look like the number.

Our bucket tower team challenge

Snowy Owl's homework grids