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Snowy Owls - Year 3


      Welcome to year 3.


Happy New Year to you all. Here's hoping that 2021 is a better year for all of us.

Your support and generosity last year was absolutely amazing. I am looking forward to working with you all again to support your children in reaching the greatest achievement possible in everything they do.


This week we will be learning:

Maths - 

Our focus this week is solving addition and subtraction problems both mentally and using written forms. 

Times Tables - we will be practicing our 3 and 4 times table and solving multiplication and division sentences during our times table challenge.


English - 

We will be applying our inference skills to find clues in predicting a text.


Spelling - 

Our focus will be on words  containing the eigh spelling and our individual ZAP words.

Useful information

PE - During the term, the children will continue to develop and learn new skills whilst understanding the rules of Hockey. PE will be on a Wednesday afternoon. Trainers, jogging bottoms and a warm top will be needed as the children will be outside. The children need to come to school dressed in their PE kits. Please send in another set of clothes if the weather forecast predicts a likelihood of rain falling.



A piece of maths homework will be given each week along with a list of spellings and a spelling activity. Sometimes an English piece of work will be given instead depending on our learning that week. Spellings are individual to your child and are chosen by spelling assessments and through their written work. Homework will be sent home on a Friday and should be returned to school on the following Wednesday. The homework will be looked at in school and I will use this to develop my planning to support and extend the children’s learning. Please note that completed homework will not be returned.

Any difficulties with a piece of work will be addressed in school so please make sure that homework is sent in. Please note that homework is an opportunity for your child to show off what they have learnt and to demonstrate how they apply their skills. The expectation of homework is the same as all work that is completed in school. Please encourage your child to complete their homework in pencil unless otherwise stated and they take pride in the work they are completing by presenting their work neatly. Thank you for your cooperation.


In addition to the weekly homework the children choose six pieces of work to complete over the term from the homework grid. These are mainly connected to our history and science topics which include opportunities to show off their writing skills. Some of the activities may take longer than a week to complete so I am not expecting these pieces in every week.


There are lots of fun and engaging games on Active Learn which the children can access throughout the week to consolidate their Maths learning this term and to revise their learning from Year 2. The children can also continue to revise their times tables and build up their fluency on TT Rock Stars. Both log-ins are on the inside of their homework folder. You will find links to both websites further down our page.


If home learning is needed at any point in the future, this will be done via google classroom. Your child's log-in details can be found in their homework folder and their reading diary. 



If you have any questions, please email the office or speak to me at the end of the day.


With kind regards


Mrs Green 

and the Year 3 Team

(Mrs Dickson and Mrs Hawksworth)









Snowy Owls are Archaeologists!

Mummification - Take a look at how we mummified our Egyptian Pharaohs

Take a look at some of our Egyptian Pyramids


Each child has their own bookmark with questions they could answer on the book they have just read. You can support your child by choosing questions from the bookmark to ask yourself. How do they know the answer? What page/pages gives them the evidence? The children could use a dictionary to find out the meaning of a new word or use a thesaurus to find an alternative word. 

Encourage your child to find somewhere cosy and quiet to sit and read their book. Try reading the same book as your child. Think about all the great discussions you could both have. Do you both agree on the ending, the character of the main person/animal?

Above all have fun and enjoy your book as it comes alive in your imagination. 


Below are some useful websites that will support you in becoming a maths master. Have fun while you are learning.

Stay safe at home. Remember, there is always someone to listen if you do not feel safe. Follow this link to the Childline website: