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Year 4

Dear Boreals ,

School is out for Pod B, but we know that those of you in Pod C might still be in school for the next couple of days.  

We have not set any work for you, but in Pod B we painted large self portraits of ourselves (A3) and made them look a bit funny-like a caricature- so you could do the same which would be great. We also did the art activity that was put up last week. They enjoyed doing that. Rock Stars are ready for you and you could choose some of the maths  set last week and one or two of the extra  end of term  activities.  Just wind down now and be proud of yourselves that you have managed so well in such a strange time. We are so. so proud of you and cannot wait to see you in Eagle Owls in September.

Have a wonderful Summer break-keep learning and reading. xx

Happy Holidays from Mrs. Wood

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Here is a design idea that some of you might like to try. We would love to see what you come up with.

Last week Pod B designed earthquake proof buildings. Here are some photos of their designs. We tested them using a plate of jelly. I have added the instructions below if you want to try it for yourselves. Have fun.

Testing designs

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We used jelly to test the designs and then discussed how they could be improved. Then we ate the jelly and marshmallows!

English for this week. If you cannot listen to the story online you can read each part at the bottom of the daily plans. There is a copy of the whole story attached as well.

Awesome Art!

Read this with an adult and see how much reading you can do over the summer holiday.

Digimaps. There are two activities here-one quite simple and the other one is for those of you who like a challenge and have permission to take photos and upload them. You may need help from an adult so make sure they are not busy!