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Year 5

Eagle Owls Topic Web (Term 4) - Ancient Greece

February-April 2020


This term, Eagle Owls will be learning all about Ancient Greece. They will be learning a range of Ancient Greek myths, their religious beliefs and their impact on the world. Please see the attached topic web for further details about their learning.


On a Thursday morning, I will be having my planning time whilst the Eagle Owls will be having PE coaching with Mr Sykes. They will be learning how to play tag rugby. Please ensure their PE kit is in school on a Monday in preparation for this outdoor PE session. They will then return their PE kit on a Friday.


Miss Johnston

Hola Mexico! Homework

Hola Mexico! Homework 1
Picture 1
Thank you for all of your wonderful creative homework this term for our topic 'Hola Mexico!' we love adding the creative pieces to our classroom display.

Day of the Dead masks

Day of the Dead masks 1
This term, Eagle Owls have been busy designing their own 'Day of the Dead' masks for the Mexican festival 'Dia de los Muertos'. They thought carefully about their bold and eye-catching designs. They are bringing lots of colour to our classroom!

Tweet all about it...

Tweet all about it... 1
Eagle Owls have been reflecting on each other's positive actions around school. Throughout the week, the children are writing 'tweets' about each other focussing around 'Kindness' and this term's school value 'Respect'. I hope you have enjoyed these tweets coming home so you can hear all the wonderful things the children are doing in school for one another!

Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

Children's Mental Health Awareness Week 1
Children's Mental Health Awareness Week 2
Children's Mental Health Awareness Week 3
On Monday 3rd February, it was Children's Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme was 'Find Your Brave'. Eagle Owls have thought carefully about what the word brave means to them and different experiences when they have been brave. The children identified brave characters from stories, their lives and within each other. They discussed what qualities they had and what they had around them to help them make brave steps. We thought about what we are good at/enjoy and what we find difficult. This has helped us to set ourselves a small step to be brave for the future.
Picture 1
Eagle Owls are frequently reflecting on how we are all important to Year 5. In PSHE, we were all given a card with a member of our class's name on and we wrote how and why that person is an important part of our team.

Eagle Owls Topic Web (Term 3) - Hola Mexico!

January - February 2020


Welcome back, I hope you've had a lovely Christmas break.


This term, Eagle Owls will be focussing their learning around the topic 'Hola Mexico!'. They will be learning about Mexico's culture, geography and the ancient Mayan civilisation . 


On a Friday afternoon, I will be having my planning time whilst the Eagle Owls will be having tennis lessons with Neil our tennis coach and learning a Modern Foreign Language with Mrs Dickson. Please ensure their PE kit is in school on a Monday in preparation for this outdoor PE session. In addition to this, they will also have an outdoor PE session with me earlier in the week.


Miss Johnston

Reading Challenge (20 books to read in 2020)

Eagle Owls Topic Web (Term 2) - Frozen Kingdom

November - December 2019


Welcome back - I hope you had a lovely break over half term.


This term, Eagle Owls will be focussing their learning around the topic 'Frozen Kingdom'. They will be learning about Ernest Shackleton's journey to Antarctica and the Titanic's voyage across the North Atlantic Ocean. 


Mr Sykes will be teaching the children PE on Friday morning. Please ensure they bring in their PE kits on a Monday and take them home on a Friday after school.


Homework will continue to be handed out on Friday and handed back in on Tuesday morning. After the success of the homework project grid from last term, each child is expected to pick a task from the grid to complete each week alongside their Maths work and spellings.


Miss Johnston


Dates for your Diary:

Wednesday 6th November - Christ Church Cathedral Concert

Friday 8th November - Non-uniform day(chocolate donation for FOGMS festive event) and FOGMS fireworks

Monday 11th November - Anti-Bullying week

Wednesday 13th November - Whole school flu immunisation

Monday 25th November - Big Sing

Monday 2nd December - Parent Consultation Evening 

Wednesday 4th December - Parent Consultation Evening

Friday 8th December - FOGMS festive event

Wednesday 18th December - Carol Service at St Mary's Church 1:30pm


Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 1 Poppy Wreath

Eagle Owls Topic Web (Term 1) - World War Two

Teacher: Miss Rachel Johnston

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Julie Grayshon


Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely summer.




September-October 2019


Welcome to a new academic year for Eagle Owls. Our topic this term is World War Two. We have been learning about life during this historical period, understanding why it happened and the main events. The children have been really engaged in this topic and I have been very impressed by the work they have produced both in class and at home. Please refer to the Topic Web attached at the top of our class page to see what we are focussing on in our learning.


Our PE lessons are on Monday afternoons. Please ensure your child brings their PE kit on Monday mornings. They also have Forest School on a Thursday afternoon which they need to bring outdoor clothes and shoes for.


Homework is sent out on a Friday and needs to be returned on a Tuesday. The children need to pick a creative task from their homework grid, complete the set Maths task (linked with our learning that week) and learn their spellings for the test on Monday morning.


Thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm so far this term!


Miss Johnston


Dates for your Diary:


Class Assembly: Friday 18th October

PGL Residential: Monday 30th March - Wednesday 1st April 2020 



A big thank you for all of your wonderful homework this term! The children have produced some amazing pieces of creative work from their homework grid and I have been incredibly impressed by their knowledge of World War Two. We have been celebrating their wonderful creations by sharing them with the class and adding them to our World War Two display. I hope you have enjoyed the flexibility and creativity of the homework grid and I look forward to seeing even more throughout the year.



World War Two Display

World War Two Display 1

Marble Jar

Eagle Owls have been working towards earning themselves a whole class reward through working together as a team to earn marbles by going above and beyond the expectations. They have reacted really positively towards this and I have been really impressed with how they are working together.

Picture 1

Kind Acts

Year 5 have been keeping an eye on their classmates throughout the day and writing down all the kind acts they see them doing! Eagle Owls have been reflecting on how focussing on the kind acts of others has a positive impact on those around them. The children have loved hearing how they are making a difference to someone else and being recognised for it.

Zones of Regulation

This term, Eagle Owls have been learning about how to recognise and regulate their emotions through the ‘Zones of Regulation’. We have been thinking carefully about how our emotions can change throughout the day and we can feel differently depending on our environment and what is going on around us. The children ‘check-in’ when they arrive in the classroom before the morning register and after both break times by placing their photographs on one of the zones. This is to help the children recognise how they are feeling and to allow them to recognise how other children are feeling too. It is also a great visual to communicate with other people in the room which zone they are in. We are going to think carefully about how we act when we experience the different zones and how this might impact others.


Here are some examples of the emotions the children might feel in the different zones:


Blue Zone – sad, tired, bored, shy, sick or hurt

Green Zone – ready to learn, happy, proud, thankful, calm or focussed

Yellow Zone – anxious, scared, confused, uncomfortable, overwhelmed, frustrated or embarrassed

Red Zone – out of control, angry, terrified or aggressive.

Zones of Regulation

Zones of Regulation 1

STEAM Museum

The STEAM Museum was a great success! The children looked fantastic and ready to be evacuated on Friday morning. We were very impressed by their efforts with rationed lunches, identity cards, ration books and gas mask boxes! We experienced an air raid shelter and learnt about how people kept themselves entertained whilst they were waiting for the air raids to finish. We even sang ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ in the dark. In the afternoon, we experienced what it might be like to be an evacuee. Whilst in the train carriage, the children explored different suitcases and had to guess who might be being evacuated from the city. Once they reached their destination they had to convince a florist, the lady of the manor and a farmer’s wife that they should take them home. Before we returned back to school we had the chance to explore the museum and learn about locomotives. Thank you for all of your time and support preparing for this trip.

Literacy and Maths Working Walls

Literacy and Maths Working Walls 1

Eagle Owl's Harvest Art Work

Eagle Owl's Harvest Art Work 1