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Year 6

Term 6 Week 7 - w.b. Monday 13th July 2020

Welcome to your final week as Year 6s Hawk Owls! How are you feeling… nervous? Excited? A combination of the two we expect, but good times are ahead for all of you! This week we will be celebrating you!

      Pod A, please come to school dressed in sportswear on Monday for our last P.E lesson together. On Tuesday, please come to school ready to get wet! (and remember a change of clothes, a towel and a water gun/ bottle). Pod B, please come to school ready for water fun on Thursday and wear sports clothing on Friday! It would be lovely if everybody could wear their leavers’ hoodies when we all come together for our leavers’ ceremony at 4p.m this coming Friday.

Let’s have an amazing week!

Mrs Raysmiley and Miss Taylorsmiley

Exciting times as we enter the final few weeks of term Hawk Owls!

Some good ideas to prepare for secondary school.

W.b. Monday 6th July

Pod A children- please wear P.E kits to school on Monday this week.

Welcome to week 6!

Hello Hawk Owls! The information you need for home learning is all below and our newsletter explains a little more about the final few weeks. Well done to all of you who are still working hard at home on the days we are not together in school. This will help you to make the transition to your new schools a lot smoother.

      We are working hard behind the scenes to make your final days at Great Milton special. We have to consider social distancing at the moment, but we are doing our best to give you the lovely send off you deserve! We have really been enjoying practising the songs and challenges cool with you all and you all look so grown up now in the videos! Definitely secondary schoolers! We feel very proud. smiley

Have a great week Hawk Owls!

Mrs Rayyes heart and Miss Taylor yes heart

A year to remember and a mosaic to mark the occasion...

A member of Hawk Owls setting out the mosaic tiles
The class mosaic so far

Welcome to Week 5 Hawk Owls!

We are now on countdown to the summer holidays and your final days at Great Milton, but don't worry we are coming up with some fun ways to make these last few weeks memorable! 

      This week in school we will be doing some planting and adding splashes of colour to our garden. We will also be working on our end of year class video which will be a great memento of your Great Milton years! At home, we would like you to complete your English and Maths WPS transition booklets,  following Friday's transition morning. This is in addition to the usual skills activities, reading comprehension and writing challenge. If you want further maths, please visit the CorbettParallel web sites (links are below).

      We are so pleased to have the majority of you back in school for 2 days each week now and we are really enjoying spending time with you all!

      Have a great week Year 6 (soon to be Year 7s!)

Mrs Raysmiley and Miss Taylorsmiley

Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge 2020


Oxfordshire Libraries are running their Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge! The challenge runs into September and you can collect digital rewards as you progress towards your reading target. You can choose which books you would like to read from comics, jokes, stories or information books! If you would like to explore some different books from the ones you have at home then you can join the library at where you can download eBooks and eAudio. For some additional information, see the flyer below. If you are interested in entering the challenge, then follow this link:




22/6/20 Looking 'goodie' in your hoodies! Enjoy wearing them to school for the rest of this term!

Monday 22nd June 2020

Happy Monday Hawk Owls!

Great news! Our hoodies have arrived- woo hoo! Mrs Frost said that you can wear them to school for the rest of term/ whenever you want to. Hopefully they are fun to wear now and a great keepsake.

      Thank you to those of you who have donated items towards our garden project- they are gratefully received. This week, we will start our large mosaic which will be a great centrepiece in our garden and a memory of this extraordinary year and Hawk Owls- The class of 2020!

      Please read our home learning newsletter carefully this week to find out more about transition and how the maths differs this week.

      Have a great week!

Mrs Raysmiley and Miss Taylorsmiley



Welcome to Term 6 Week 3 Hawk Owls!

The planets- by Heath

Welcome to week 3 Hawk Owls!

We hope you’ve all enjoyed the weekend. We are looking forward to developing our Year 6 Memory Garden further this week. Please remember to bring in any bits and pieces which may be useful for your project design, as well as anything your family are willing to donate to our overall project. Items such as old pots, sticks, garden twine, plants, compost and bottle lids to name just a few, would come in handy! Mrs Grayshon has kindly delivered 24 logs donated by a nearby farm- I’m sure we’ll have lots of ideas for those! On that note, we must say that Mrs Grayshon and Mrs Wheeler have been absolute stars since we all returned- thank you both for all your hard work.

   At home, please continue with the usual learning activities on the days you are not in school. When you will read our home-learning newsletter, you will see that there’s a slight change this week as we begin to prepare for transition to secondary school- exciting times ahead!

   Finally, please can you have a scout around at home for any school books you have finished reading and return them to school. There is a box in the entrance foyer to pop them in. Please encourage any younger siblings to do the same as we are running particularly low on reading books in KS1.

Have a great week Hawk Owls!

Mrs Raysmiley and Miss Taylorsmiley

The future is looking bright Hawk Owls!

Wow! Look at Pod B's amazing rainbows- gorgeous!

Welcome to Week 2 Hawk Owls!

We are so very proud of all of you; home-school learners, in-school learners and 'a bit of both' learners! These are strange times, but as usual you have all made the best of everything in the last week with your positive 'can do' attitudes. Keep up the good work Hawk Owls!

    You will find everything for home-learning posted below. Please remember to keep those brain-boxes ticking over when you're not in school by completing the 'must'.

    Please can those of you in school, remember to wear old clothes with long sleeves on your first day back next week, so we can get digging in our memory garden. 

Have another great week ahead!

Mrs Raysmiley and Miss Taylorsmiley


What a lovely first day back!

We will use the small gate near our classroom at the beginning (9 a.m) and end of the school day (3.30 p.m).

Happy Term 6 Hawk Owls!

We hope you've had a fabulous half term holiday and feel well-rested ready for term 6! We have planned lots of exciting learning opportunities for both at home and in school. Whether or not, you are returning to the classroom just yet, we hope you can get the most out of your learning and have some fun too! We would like you to continue with the home learning on any days you are not in school. Meanwhile 'pods A and B' will be undertaking some exciting project work in the classroom and outdoors. We have some really nice things planned to make your last term a special one and will try to involve everybody as much as we can whilst maintaining social distancing. Our class newsletter and all the resources you need for this week are below, along with the web site links you need. We are very excited to see your progress, so please do continue to show us your amazing work via email and our blog.

Have a brilliant week ahead!

Mrs Ray smileyand Miss Taylorsmiley



Logging in to Abacus Active Learn

From last Friday 16th May, the Abacus website have been making some adjustments. When you log in this week, you will have to re-enter your user name, password and school code if you usually have it saved on your computer. If you have any problems logging in or need a reminder of your log-in details, then just let one of us know.

Welcome to week 5 Hawk Owls!

Well, we're not really sure how we got here, but we are almost at the end of term 5! Well done to you all for working so hard throughout and an extra well done for staying connected with your friends and teachers! We certainly enjoy seeing your wonderful work and fun pictures.

     If you didn't already know, Mrs Frost is now reading messages from the Golden Book and posting a clip in the video library every Friday afternoon. You can ask your parents to email her at before 9am on Friday if you have done anything that they would like celebrated. It is lovely to hear your achievements being recognised in such a positive way.

     Mrs Frost will be in touch to let everybody know about school plans for term 6, but enjoy the half term break at the end of this week and continue to watch this space for our class news. There is more information in our home learning newsletter and some extra resources posted below to help you with the writing task this week.

      Just remember to contact us if you need anything at all.

Look after yourselves and best wishes

Mrs Ray smiley and Miss Taylor smiley

Keep up the good work Hawk Owls- you're all doing amazingly! :-)

Hello Lovely Hawk Owls!

We hope you enjoyed the special bank holiday weekend! I expect you know Vera Lynn's song 'We'll meet again' off by heart now- I know I could still hear it in my village as I drifted off to sleep on Friday night! It is truly a beautiful song and the words are certainly meaningful at this present time. If you haven't already seen Mrs Frost's lovely assembly from Friday (in the video resource area), do have a look- it includes her commemorating VE day and reading from the Golden Book.


Please find our home learning documents for this week below, as well as 2 maths videos (linked to the 'must' and 'should') and a link to 'Parallel' Maths. This web site has been recommended by Miss Ayres at Wheatley Park for any of you who enjoy tackling challenging maths problems . You can create a free account and then just log in and get going!


We look forward to hearing from you via email, on the blog or on the telephone this week. Remember, we are here if you need anything at all.

Have a good week! 

Mrs Ray smiley and Mrs Taylor smiley

Equivalent Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

A video to help you with the 'must' in maths.

Fractions Addition Subtraction - Corbettmaths

A video to help you with the 'should' in maths.

You'll Never Walk Alone Hawk Owls!

Captain Tom Moore (who turned 100 last Thursday and is now Colonel Tom!), Michael Ball & The NHS Voices of Care Choir singing a very appropriate song for this time in history.

Welcome to the month of May, Hawk Owls!

We hope you are all keeping really well and most of all, we hope you are happy smiley. We love hearing from you by email and on our blog, so keep up the good work!

    This is a special week because Friday commemorates the 75th anniversary of  'VE Day' (or 'Victory in Europe') when German troops surrendered, ending World War II in Europe back in 1945. There are some ideas posted in the pdf below, if you would like to take part in some fun ways of celebrating this important day in history.

     Most of you have ordered your leavers hoodies, but I have re-posted the link again below for those of you who have not yet browsed our online shop. There is still a couple of weeks left to order a hoodie if you would like one. yes

     Please remember that though we are not all in school together at the moment, we are still here for you and if you need anything at all, then please email us and we will be in touch straight away.

    Have a great week and don't forget to send us some lovely photos of any VE day celebrations!

Take care Hawk Owls smiley

Mrs Ray and Miss Taylor

Stay safe at home. Remember, there is always someone to listen if you do not feel safe. Follow this link to the Childline website:

Well done to Theo on creating this amazing presentation linked to our 'Victorians' topic!

Happy Week 2! Let's kick it off with an exciting look at 2 amazing videos created by Maya P and Henry!

Still image for this video
This is Maya P's 'Stop Motion' video of Queen Victoria's Coronation. Isn't it great?!

Queen Victoria's Coronation

Still image for this video
Here's Henry's 'Stop Motion' video of Queen Victoria's Coronation. Another brilliant creation!

Term 5 Week 2: Week beginning Monday 27th April 2020

Wow! It's hard to believe it's week 2 already! You have all being doing so well with your home learning and we are proud of every single one of you for adapting to this new way of schooling. This week you can find the newsletter and home-learning pack below, along with a timetable you may wish to have a look at to help you plan your week. There is an example one and a blank one so see if either are helpful to you. Remember, you don't have to do everything- we want you to be well and happy! You will also find below some web sites and 'You Tube' clips to help with your English and Maths. Henry and his family found the virtual tour which will help with your writing this week! Please get in touch if you need anything at all and we look forward to seeing your brilliant learning again this week on our blog!

Best wishes
Mrs Ray and Miss Taylor

Escher Style Tessellations

A video clip to help create your own Escher-style tessellations

Virtual Tour of Blists Hill Victorian Town

Join Amanda & Lauren as they take you on a tour of Blists Hill Victorian Town, one of the Ironbridge Gorge Museums in Telford, Shropshire.

Happy 11th birthday Charlie! We hope you have the best day!

Welcome to Term 5...We'll all be there for each other this term!

We are there for you all Hawk Owls! Love Mrs Ray and Miss Taylor :-)

Welcome Back to Term 5 Hawk Owls!

We hope you had a really lovely, fun-filled Easter break! From this week, we will be uploading to this part of the school web-site once a week so that you can plan with your families for the week head. You will find a weekly 'home learning newsletter' which contains a pack for all your learning and it explains our 'must, should, could' approach going forward. Hopefully having it all in one pack each week will make it easier for you.


Below, you will also find the spellings for the term ahead, our topic grid, the 2020 reading challenge and a PowerPoint to help with your writing. We have also been in touch with our colleagues at Wheatley Park School and Miss Ayres, one of the maths teachers has kindly sent some maths challenges you may want to try in addition to the work in our weekly pack. These challenges might be a good opportunity to get used to the kinds of work you will be doing at secondary school in September. I'll upload a few each week and there is no pressure to do them, but a great offering!


Some of you have already ordered your 2020 Leavers' hoodies, but if not the link to the online shop is below. All children's names feature inside the 20 on the reverse of the hoodie, but there is an option to personalise with your own name/ nickname in larger letters. The hoodies will all be delivered to school in late June/ July.


One of us will be in contact this week via telephone, but remember you can email us or leave a message on our class blog- we are sending out usernames and passwords shortly. We are thinking of you all and hope you and your families are all keeping really well and enjoying some time together.

with best wishes

Mrs Ray and Miss Taylor

Fashion Alert: Hoodies!

We have worked with the 'Leavers Hoodies' company to set up a website (click on link below) where you can order your leavers' hoodies directly! You can choose from a few different styles and the hoodies are available in different sizes and a huge range of colours. The deadline for orders is Sunday 17th May, so get your order in before then and we hope to have delivery to school before the beginning of July. Very exciting! 

Times Tables Success!

Still image for this video
A lovely member of our class has spent time practising her times tables. Watch the video to see her recite the 9 times table off by heart- fantastic work!

A quick little note before the end of term!

We hope you all have a really lovely Easter holiday! If you would like to do any finishing off over the hols, all documents will stay posted here for you. There are also some optional fun Easter activities posted below. Additionally, if you look on the Science and Maths pages under Our Learning - Curriculum, you will find some exciting investigations that you may enjoy trying. On our English page there is information on how you can enter a poetry competition- perfect after our work this week! 


Also, if you click on the link below, you will find a lovely message from Mrs Frost before we officially start the Easter holidays and an opportunity to take part in our 'virtual' Easter worship.

Our kindest chocolatey wishes!

Mrs Ray and Miss Taylor 

Kitty's Greek Temple

Temple front view
Front view
Temple side view
Kitty's Goddess 'Astria' inside the temple

Friday 3rd April 2020

Good Morning Gorgeous Hawk Owls! 


I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying learning at home. I have really enjoyed your emails and rainbow art this week. Thank you so much for sending them to me. I hope you have all had a chance to look at the gallery. If you haven't, it will certainly make you smile! 


Today is the last day of term! You will be pleased to hear that Mrs Ray and I have only two tasks for you!


1. Finishing off. Look back at all the work that has been set for you and see if you can fill some of your gaps. 


2. I would like you to make a special card for someone. Either a Rainbow card or an Easter card. Perhaps there are people in your family that you can't see at the moment?

Maybe you know of an elderly person who lives on your street who is isolating alone? 


I know how fantastic you all are at art and I know if someone received a card from you it would really brighten their day! Maybe you could even add a poem? I have read some of your poems this week and they are amazing! 


There are many amazing ideas on the internet for cards so you can do your own research. I have attached a few ideas that I have found. 

Rainbow card ideas
Easter card ideas

One last thing to say. I am in school today, so if you need anything just email me at or call the office. I know I have some lost wellies to look for! 



Have a wonderful Easter,

With love from 

Miss Taylor 


Read our thought-provoking 'colour' poems- what mood do they each create?

'Green' by Isla
'My Yellow Poem' by Kitty
'Blue' by Esther
'Blue' by Esther

Thursday 2nd April 2020


Happy Thursday Hawk Owls!

This is my last post until after the Easter hols as it will be Miss Taylor tomorrow, so I am wishing all of you and your families a very happy and fun Easter break! I hope you can do some exciting things inside and out- maybe create your own egg hunt or Easter trail with clues for your siblings or parents! Remember, you can drop me a line if you want to; and I would especially love to read some of your finished poems!


Look after yourselves and remember to eat too much chocolate!

Love and best wishes

Mrs Ray :-)


A member of our class last Easter at the Parthenon

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Happy April Fool's day! Make sure you make any jokes or tricks kind ones!


Today you will be writing your 'colour' poems and I have uploaded some Easter themed problem solving maths for you to try. For topic, we are continuing on the buildings theme. The reading comprehension I have chosen for today is an extract from a Louis Sachar text- the same author as our class book 'Holes'.


Yesterday I enjoyed receiving some work and photos from lots of you- it really made me smile to see your lovely work! You can see Maya R and Maya P's Easter gardens above, along with Skye's 'message of hope'. If you would like to send me anything, my email is . I would love to hear from you. I know everything is very strange at present, but I hope you are able to use the time to do something you enjoy and keep in touch with your friends too. I have been doing lots of baking with my children and I've been trying some online exercise classes. We've also enjoyed exploring Shotover country park on our daily walk.


Take care and have a great day,

Mrs Ray :-)

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Good Morning Hawk Owls!

Your learning for today is uploaded below. There is a topic presentation and task linked to Greek buildings and column types. Remember, you can still send me your Easter garden photos- Gracie's is above- beautiful!

Have a fab day!

Mrs Ray :-)

Good morning lovely Hawk Owls and welcome to our second week of home learning!


I hope you all had a great weekend and did something fun! I have uploaded today's lessons below. This week we will be building up to writing our own poems in literacy- it would be great if you could send me some of your finished poems at the end of the week and I can pop them all up on our class page to share. Also, you will see at the end of the R.E lesson, there is an option to make your own Easter garden. My children had a go at this and really enjoyed it! (see photos above). Again, I would love to see your creations, so please send any photos to


For all of you sporty people, Mr Sykes and his colleague have put together a series of exciting online lessons! You can access these at, using the password 2609. Finally, see the message below about our Gallery of Hope- such a lovely idea from Miss Taylor- hopefully we can all join in. You can see my family's rainbows above which our neighbours have told us 'brighten their day!'


Have a great day and I can't wait to see some of your work this week.

Best wishes

Mrs Ray :-)




Great Milton C of E Primary School - Gallery of Hope

Have you noticed that many people have been putting up colourful rainbow creations? They are helping to keep everyone smiling while we all spend more time at home. It's also fun spotting them if you go out for some exercise!

So, we want to see your artwork! Whether it's a bright rainbow or even a smiley face or multi-coloured handprint. Send me a picture of your rainbow, you with your rainbow or even a video of you drawing or painting it. Together we can create a Great Milton Gallery of Hope on our website.

You can send your rainbow photos and videos to

We are really looking forward to seeing your creations!


View Our Hawk Owls' Art Gallery- open the pdf below..!

Friday 27th March 2020

Good Morning My Hawk Owl friends, it's Friday already so it's Miss Taylor here! 


I'm so sad I didn't get to see you all before school closed. We had to self-isolate because George had a cough, I was feeling poorly too! We are all fine now and enjoying the sunshine. I hope you are all ok at home, keeping busy and having fun. 


George and I are trying to do a little bit of schoolwork each day. However, we are not worrying too much if we don't get everything done. Feeling safe and happy is the most important thing right now. 


Today we have a challenge for you. We want you to do some art! You are going to be guided by the famous artist Rob Biddulph.


Here is the website, it is free and you do not need a log in.


Please can you email me your drawings at and I can print them out and put them up in the classroom at school. You can see mine and George’s pictures above!


Our science for this week is 'Curious Creatures'. You can open the presentation attached and then select an activity sheet from each pack (*=bronze, **=silver and ***=gold).


You can also use today to look back at the work lovely Mrs Ray has sent you this week and catch up on any important bits you haven't had time for. 


If you are lucky enough to have a garden, make sure you go outside and make the most of this gorgeous weather. 


I will really miss seeing you today, but I know I will see you all soon. 


Sent with love from Miss Taylor   




Thursday 26th March 2020

Good Morning on this sunny Thursday Hawk Owls!

I hope your are all getting on well. The lessons I am uploading are there for you to use and provide you with some structure, but please know that you can also vary things a little bit. For example, you could substitute a maths lesson and play some games on your Abacus Active Learn account (I have just uploaded some more interactive games for you) or you could enjoy some independent reading, rather than completing the guided reading task set. Learning at home is different to learning at school and you may find you have a skill or talent you can develop during this time. The main thing is to keep your learning going, but not to put huge amounts of pressure on yourself either.

Look after yourselves and enjoy your day!

Mrs Ray :-)

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good Morning to all of you!

I hope you are all getting on well. Your learning for today is uploaded below and perhaps start/ continue with your ICT project. You could try Cosmic Yoga today- If you search 'Cosmic Kids' on You Tube there are lots of themes you could try, such as Moana, Trolls, Frozen or the Harry Potter one we did together in school. Try and get outside as much as possible too as the fresh air will do you good and break up your day. 

Have a great Wednesday!

Mrs Ray :-)

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good Morning lovely Hawk Owls!

I hope you all had a good day yesterday and enjoyed the sunshine. Your daily literacy and maths lessons are posted below, along with a reading task and ICT/ topic project brief which may be something you wish to complete over a few days. Have a great Tuesday!

Best wishes

Mrs Ray :-) 

Dear Hawk Owls

We hope you are all doing well after what has been a strange few days with emotions running high. Even though we can not be in school together at present, I would like to continue to support you through the coming days and weeks via this page. I will upload literacy and maths lessons daily (before 9am), as well as other subject lessons throughout the week. (These will be in pdf format mostly; you can then print off, or use on screen and complete on paper). 


You all have your  log ins for 'Times Tables Rock Stars' and 'Abacus' which you can use to vary your learning at home. Also, remember there are websites and resources below, as well as your revision guides. Creating a schedule for home learning might be something that helps you; if so, I have uploaded our current class timetable to remind you of how we structure our school day. You may wish to swap things around and get some exercise in- Joe Wicks (the Body Coach) is holding live 30 minute P.E lessons each week day morning at 9am on YouTube. A good way to start the day!


Best wishes for the week ahead,
Mrs Ray

Home Learning Websites and Resources

Below is a list of recommended websites and resources for continuing learning at home.

BBC Bite Size

This web site has opportunities to revise key areas of English and Maths and learn across the curriculum.


Key Stage 2 Literacy

A good web site for revising spelling patterns, grammar and punctuation.



Practice KS2 SATs questions for English, Maths and Science.


Clarity Maths

Free SATs revision resources.


Education Quizzes

Online quizzes linked to subjects and topics across the curriculum, including Ancient Greece.

Homework/ Revision Guides 27.2.20

Please could Hawk Owls practise their weekly spellings (provided in books) and select a task from the topic homework grid as usual. For this week, please use the grid on the web site as the photocopier is broken! For maths, practise times tables- perhaps logging on to 'Times tables Rockstars'.


Next week, we will be providing the children with 3 revision guides (Reading, Maths and SPaG) and we will set tasks to complete at home and school throughout the coming weeks. Once the guides are sent home, the children will need to bring them to and from school on a daily basis so that we get maximum benefit from using them. The guides are theirs to keep, but we do ask that they treat them with care and perhaps use a folder or bag to transport them/ keep them safe. The revision guides will be an excellent way of targeting specific areas in Maths and English. 

Year 6- Hawk Owls

Teaching Staff: Laura Ray (Monday to Thursday) and Sarah Taylor (Friday).


Welcome to Term 4!

Thank you for all your support throughout term 3. Mrs Taylor and I have really enjoyed working together and I have loved getting to know the wonderful Hawk Owls! We hope you had a relaxing break with your families over the February holiday. We are looking forward to term 4, starting with the introduction of our new topic ‘Ancient Greece’, followed by a visit from Rabbi Zvi and then supporting the children in the lead up to SATs. Though, we will do some more practice papers and revision this term, we will try to maintain a good balance of preparation and new exciting learning!


Please find this term’s topic web attached which details all the key areas of learning. As with last term, we will set weekly maths and spellings and the homework grid will come home for your child to complete cross-curricular tasks linked to Ancient Greece. Homework is handed out on a Thursday and should be returned by the following Wednesday. Thank you for your support with homework last term- it was fantastic to see the children really engrossed in our topic work and producing some fantastic pieces!


The Hawk Owls will have P.E on a Thursday afternoon with Mr Sykes this term. Please ensure they have full kit in school, suitable for indoor and outdoor wear. In addition, all children need to have a pair of ‘outdoor’ shoes to change into at break and lunch times, (e.g. wellies or old trainers) so that they can wear their clean school shoes inside. This is particularly important with the bad weather we have had recently.


Please find below, a list of upcoming dates, which are specific to Year 6. (For more general/whole school dates, please visit the school calendar on the web site).


  • Tuesday 3rd March- Rabbi Zvi visiting to lead Y5/6 Judaism workshop and whole school assembly.
  • Thursday 5th March- World Book Day (Dress up day- Friday 6th March)
  • Monday 9th-- Friday 13th March - Sports Relief Week
  • Monday 23rd March- Parent/ Teacher Consultation Evening (3.50- 6.30 p.m.)
  • Wednesday 25th March- Parent/ Teacher Consultation Evening (4-7p.m)
  • Friday 27th March- Year 6 visit to 'IMPs' -The Injury Minimization Programme for Schools (I.M.P.S.) at the John Radcliffe hospital.

  • End of Key Stage 2 SATs- Monday 11th May- Friday 15th May
  • Monday 15th June- Friday 19th June- Year 6 Residential Visit to Kilvrough Manor
  • Wednesday 15th/Thursday 16th July- Year 6/5 Production
  • Friday 17th July- Year 6 Leaver’s Service at St Mary’s Church


Please also watch the space above for a date when we will invite you all into school for a meeting about our Kilvrough Manor Residential in June. At the meeting, we will discuss the timetable for the 5 days, staffing, activities, menus and what the children will need to bring along with them. There will also be an opportunity to discuss any questions you might have. From bodyboarding to rock climbing, it is sure to be an unforgettable week!


Wishing you and your families a happy term head.

Kind regards

Laura Ray and Sarah Taylor


Year 6 – Hawk Owls


Teaching Staff: Laura Ray (Monday to Thursday) and Sarah Taylor (Friday).


Welcome to Term 3!

Welcome back to school after what we hope was a lovely festive break for you and your families! We would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy new year.


As the new Year 6 teaching team, we are very excited to have the opportunity to teach the wonderful Hawk Owls, as well as being able to work together to help the children achieve their very best this year! We are looking forward to a busy term ahead and have planned a wealth of exciting opportunities for the next part of our learning journey together.



Our topic theme this term is ‘Hola Mexico!’ The topic web attached provides an overview of the children’s learning journey for the term ahead. They will be learning about Mexico's culture, geography and the ancient Mayan civilisation.



This term we will begin with a focus on properties of shape which will include angles, describing and classifying shapes, coordinates and solving shape problems. We will also concentrate on time, with the emphasis on reading timetables and problem solving. In order to prepare the children for their SATs, we will also complete some practise papers and address gaps in understanding following these assessments.



We are excited to have a ‘Book swap’ box in our classroom! The children have already started recommending texts to their peers. We are encouraging them to try something new- perhaps a different author or genre. Please see the ’20 Books to read in 2020’ attached which may be a good starting place to fuel excitement for reading! Our main focus text in whole class guided reading this term is ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. We will also look at a range of shorter texts alongside this.



This term we will be focusing on an ancient Mayan creation myth; story-mapping and re-telling it, before planning and writing our own creation myth. Following that, we will be writing instructions about how to play an ancient Mayan ballgame. Lastly, we will create non-chronological reports about the ancient Mayan civilisation.





We will continue to teach daily spelling, punctuation and grammar; starting with a big ‘push’ on punctuation (in particular hyphens, dashes and semi-colons). The children will be given 10 spellings per week to focus on as part of their morning work. These spellings will also be sent home for further practice.



This term we will be looking at evolution; starting with the characteristics of living things, before moving on to focus on variation and adaptation across specific animals.


PE/ Outdoor Learning Kit

This term we will be learning yoga on Wednesday afternoons and taking part in outdoor learning with Mrs Howlett on Thursday afternoons. It would be really helpful if indoor kit remained in school until half term.


For outdoor learning, the children should arrive at school in uniform and then change into warm, waterproof clothing in the afternoon. Their clothing for outdoor learning can also stay in school if not too dirty, though we have asked children to use their discretion on a weekly basis; if it has been an extra muddy session, be prepared for kit to come home for a wash!



Homework will continue to be given out on a Thursday and should be returned to school the following Wednesday. The children will be set weekly spellings, a piece of maths and can select a piece from the homework grid as with previous topics.


With warmest wishes for the term ahead,


Laura Ray and Sarah Taylor

November- December Frozen Kingdom Topic Web

September-October Fight for Freedom World War 2 Topic web



Our learning in Term 1 


What a brilliant first half term we had!  The Hawk Owls fully embraced learning about World War 2.  We had a wonderful class visit to Steam Museum as part of our World War 2 topic.  The quality of the home project work and classroom writing was amazing, the children truly showed a growth mindset approach to their learning.  


This half term we have much to look forward to.  We will be leading Friendship week for National Anti-bullying week and have Bikeability- cycling proficiency on November 25th.  Please start preparing your bikes and helmets for this.  Our topic is Frozen Kingdom and we will be learning about the adventures of Ernest Shackleton and life on The Titanic.  


Dates for your diary:

Monday 11th November 2019 Friendship Week

Monday 25th November 2019 Bikeability 

Monday 11th -Thursday 14th May 2020

Monday 15th June-Friday 19th June 2020- Kilvrough Manor visit



We are looking at Maths Mastery where we deepen our understanding through reasoning and problem solving following the steps systematically.  We will be strengthening our understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages this term as well as beginning to look at Coordinates and quadrants.



This half term we are writing for a range of purposes and audiences.  We are focusing on our vocabulary choice and using higher level punctuation.  We will be writing biographies from historical explorers and looking at The Titanic, with a focus on advertising and persuasion.


Please follow the hyperlink to look at the 2019/20 objectives for writing, this is how we assess whether your child is working towards the expected standard, at the expected standard or at greater depth:



We continue to practice our spelling, punctuation and grammar skills on a daily basis as part of our English lessons.  This term we have been focusing on active and passive voice, different clauses in sentences, such as: relative clauses, embedded clauses and fronted adverbial phrases.  Homework every week contains 10 spellings, please support your child in this as spelling remains a big focus in Year 6.  There are 20 marks up for grabs in the SATs SPAG test, so we are working hard to ensure that we can do our best in May!



This term we are looking at living things, which fits in nicely with the habitats in The Frozen Kingdom!  We will be describing how living things are classified into broad groups according to common observable characteristics and based on similarities and differences, including microorganisms, plants and animals.


Year 6 and reception Buddies 

The buddy system is up and running!  It is fantastic to see new friendships forming and how supportive and kind the Hawk Owls are being to their Elf Owl buddies.


PE Kit

Please can PE kits be left in school all week, this term we will be having PE on a Thursday.


Please take a look at the games and activities below 






Maths Year 6 objectives

We had an amazing time on our residential at Kilvrough Manor on the beautiful Gower Peninsula - take a look at our photos! We have been orienteering, team-building, caving, abseiling, rock-climbing, surfing, den-building. Challenging ourselves, trusting each other..........