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Hawk Owls - Year 6

All of our remote learning is now being accessed through Google Classroom. Please contact the school office if you need support to access this. 


Dear Parents and Carers of Hawk Owls, 


I would like to say a big thank you for all of your support and kind words this term. You have all been incredibly generous with your lovely cards and gifts - thank you very much for your kindness. 


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! 


Miss Johnston

Happy New Year Hawk Owls!


Welcome to Term 3 of Year 6! I hope you have all had a wonderful and restful Christmas break. You all worked fantastically in the Autumn Term and I am looking forward to continuing our learning journey together this term.


This term, we will be focussing our learning around ‘Oxfordshire: Our Local Area’. Hawk Owls are continuing to share their learning journey with the Eagle Owls. If you would like some more information about which objectives we are covering this term, then please see the Topic Web that I have uploaded on our class page.


I have also kept the helpful resources from last term on the class page to help the Hawks Owls practise different skills e.g. times tables, number bonds, comprehension work, handwriting and spelling practice. Please feel free to access these throughout the term as an extra boost! All of the Active Learn games which I allocated throughout Year 5 and last term are still accessible to the children’s profiles if there is a particular area in maths which you would like them to revise. I have also collated a range of fluency tasks (with the answers) to help develop the children’s application of mathematical skills for this term ‘Maths Fluency Activities Term 3’. All of these documents will be on our class page for you to access throughout the year. Please feel free to use them – the majority of these activities can be accessed by your child independently.


This term, Hawk Owls will be hvaing their PE lessons with me on a Monday afternoon and  enjoying Forest School with Mrs Howlett on a Thursday afternoon. As they will be outside (rain or shine!) please could you send your child into school in their outdoor PE clothes on a Monday and their forest school clothes on a Thursday morning.


To cover all weather possibilities and to reduce mud being brought into the classroom, please ensure your child has appropriate outdoor shoes and clothing for PE and the outdoors (e.g. outdoor trainers or wellington boots, a jumper, light waterproof and longer tracksuit bottoms). They will also need a pair of indoor shoes/trainers whilst they are learning in the classroom on a Monday and Thursday morning and in case they are moved indoors during extremely wet weather. I would still advise the children to keep a pair of outdoor trainers or wellington boots in school throughout the week for break times! Please ensure all outdoor clothes, school uniform and shoes worn and brought into school are fully named as we are currently unable to store unnamed lost property.


As a class, we are starting our new term with a new class book ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo in our daily shared reading sessions. We have enough books in school for the children to share with their partner. However, if you would like your child to have their own copy of the text (which they can bring home once we have finished reading together as a class) then they are welcome to bring one from home. This is purely voluntary so please do not feel that you have to purchase a copy


We will be continuing our homework set up this term. I have uploaded the homework grid and spelling lists for this term. The spelling lists are dated by the end of each week so Hawk Owls can learn them at home before we focus on them in school during the following week.  Some of the tasks in the homework grid may take longer or shorter amounts of time so do pick what works for you that week, whilst also keeping a balance throughout the year. Each week, your child will come home with a double-sided maths sheet in their homework folder which coincides with the learning covered in maths that week. Remember, if your child is finding their maths homework really tricky then please encourage them to ask an adult in class to explain it further. I would recommend making a note of their Active Learn and TTRS logins from the front of their folder for the days when your child’s homework folder is in school. I will be handing out homework on a Thursday to give the Hawk Owls an extra day before their homework is due on a Tuesday.


Hawk Owls are expected to pick a task from the creative grid, learn their spellings and complete the maths sheet each week to help consolidate their learning in class.


I will be opening the outer classroom door to the Hawks Owls at 8:45-9:05am for drop off and again at 3.30pm for pick up.


If you have any queries or concerns this term, please feel free to contact me via the school office at


As always, thank you for your continued support this year!


Miss Johnston 



Homework 7.1.21

Your child will have come home with their homework folder today which is due back in school on Tuesday morning. Inside they will find their double-sided Maths sheet and their logins for both Active Learn and Times Tables Rockstars. I have also allocated two games for the children to play on Active Learn to help consolidate their learning about place value and subtraction this week (Driving Test 12 and Bingo! 6.12). I have also uploaded a useful video to show subtracting 6 and 7 digit numbers using compact column subtraction on our class page. Please note that the Active Learn task will only work on a desk top or laptop computer and not a tablet.  Do not worry if your child is not able to do this extra activity.


You will also find your child's "zap words" (personalised spelling words) written on red cards in your child's homework folder. These are for your child to keep on practising at home. We practise, update and revisit these words regularly throughout the term to ensure they feel confident with these tricky words.


Each week, the children need to learn their weekly spellings and pick an activity from the homework grid. Both of these are uploaded on our class page below.


You will now find your child's login and password to Google classroom taped onto the inside front cover of your child's homework folder. Please take a note of this or a photo incase it is needed and the homework folders are in school.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Miss Johnston

There are lots of fun and engaging games on Active Learn which your child can access throughout the week to consolidate their Maths learning this term and to revise our learning from Year 5. They can also continue to revise their times tables and build up their fluency on Times Tables Rock Stars. Both of their logins are on the inside of their homework folder.

Active Learn:

Times Tables Rock Stars:

Have a look at the Oxford Owl web link for free e-books and lots of book suggestions and tips for reluctant readers:

Oxford Owl:

The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Hawk Owls have created some beautiful silhouettes of their sky-ships rising above Lontown at sunrise. Inspired by Brightstorm!

Stay safe at home. Remember, there is always someone to listen if you do not feel safe. Follow this link to the Childline website:

Hawk Owls's have been experimenting with drawing their self portraits - they look amazing!

Wow! Look at all of Hawk Owls's fantastic pieces of artwork inspired by Edvard Munch's piece 'The Scream'

Rollercoaster Calligram Poetry - look at our brilliant poems in the shape of rollercoasters!

Hawk Owls have been examining some really interesting vocabulary from their Brightstorm books

Last year, Hawk Owls designed their own planets and created brochures inspired by the artist Handymartian

Maths Year 6 objectives

Useful Websites and Resources

Below is a list of recommended websites and resources for continuing learning at home.

BBC Bite Size

This web site has opportunities to revise key areas of English and Maths and learn across the curriculum.


Key Stage 2 Literacy

A good web site for revising spelling patterns, grammar and punctuation.



Practice KS2 SATs questions for English, Maths and Science.


Clarity Maths

Free SATs revision resources.


Education Quizzes

Online quizzes linked to subjects and topics across the curriculum, including Ancient Greece.